The BG test on TBCC

You are testing Horde against Horde teams in the Burning Crusade Classic BGs.

Is this test worldwide or just in the Americas region?


The thread over in TBC Classic would be the best place to ask that.

They also mentioned that they would be starting a new thread when the change goes live.


Like they are going to answer this there, it has a single blue post, the first one and looking at all the questions there, the silence is deafening.

Edit: but no doubt this post will be moved by a blue and be unanswered. Typical.

Unfortunately, the CS forums still wouldn’t be the best place to ask. The blues here are Support Forum Agents (SFAs) and not Community Managers (like Kaivax) who is in communication with the developers.

And yes, it may get moved to the right forum.


I would have asked on the EU forums but the Blues in the TBCC section are even rarer.

The twitter says US only yet the Kaviax post is on the EU forums suggesting that it’s going to be in the EU too.

All I wanted was clarification. It’s not clear with all these mixed messages.

If Kavix posted in the EU forums too, that answers your question. I don’t see how that sends mixed messages seeing that EU an NA servers are separate. If Kavix posted there too, then that would be a pretty clear indication that the EU servers will be undergoing the same thing.


Customer Support is not Customer Service. This forum is one for players to assist other players. Our Blues, while rad, are not GMs and not Devs. They can sometimes help to clarify things but they go by the same information we do when something like this is being pushed out by the Dev team.


And the conflicting twitter post?

I am a customer and have a question.

So you are saying that the Devs treat the CS people like mushrooms? No, they should know stuff like this.

So reply to that tweet and ask?


Others already have.

It seem to be a case of the left hand no knowing what the right hand is doing. Or in this case the media side and the Devs/GMs.

You missed this part.

Our SFAs have said time and time again that they’re not privy to much more than we are when people come clamoring here inquiring about future happenings such as sales, server merges and anything else. If there are Blue posts and Twitter posts up, they’re going off the same information that we are. That, and you’re never guaranteed a response from one of them as again, this forum is one for players to help out other players. A lot of the forums are one-way communication out there because if a Blue rears their head, they get swarmed. They collect data but don’t necessarily respond as much as they do over on Twitter.


I’ll just wait for a blue post and if it’s moved with no answer then we’ll know what Blizzard think of their subscribers.

If someone in the CS dept has the initiative to ask someone about it, then we know they might just care about us.

Probably best not to try to guilt trip the blues here: Their job isn’t to ask questions on behalf of some random person on the forums. Their job is to help with account, billing and rules. Their job isn’t to be the inbetween with whomever the poster want to get things answered.


I was trying to inspire someone to go above and beyond for a customer.

That’s not what this forum is for. The blues here ain’t the folks sitting in the corner of a store that you go to get info about whatever you want. Their job here is mainly to ensure the rules are follow and only post when they need to, not because some random person think they’re entitled to it.


Or you could ask in the right place? I know you don’t want to, but that’s really your best option. The CMs are the ones who communicate with the developers.


Others have already asked and they have had no reply yet, which suggests they don’t know or they don’t want to say.

It is not the SFAs’ job to liaise with the Devs and clarify when or why something is being done. It’s like asking a front-end clerk at a department store about upcoming plans in the IT department of the company’s head office.

It says they haven’t replied. Anything else players speculate about is just fiction.

The forums aren’t staffed 24/7. You are never guaranteed a blue response in any thread. Just because Customer Support has more blue posts than the other forums doesn’t mean they will answer your question about something outside their job description.


If a Support Forum Agent were to post in the thread then it generally wouldn’t be moved. If it were moved to the appropriate forum, the only thing that indicates is that we want to make sure your thread is in the best possible location for the subject.

How very motivational of you, Dottie. However, it isn’t about the right hand not knowing what the left is doing or that development keeps CS in the dark. There are simply things that do not fall under our jurisdiction.

Developmental testing is one of those things that, given all the areas we do need to be updated on, doesn’t fall under our scope of support. I understand that you believe, as a customer, you should be able to know anything that may be going on, but as Customer Support, not providing it to you does not mean that we don’t care or aren’t doing what we are tasked to do.

If I had to guess, the fact that Kaivax posted in both locations and didn’t specify that testing would be only in one region is because they plan to have it in both.

Any questions should have been directed to @WarcraftDevs and it is likely that the rep on the CS Twitter account tried to answer as best as they could with what information they had, you know, to go above and beyond. The fact that they appear to have been misinformed should be a good indication of why CS doesn’t generally provide answers that aren’t otherwise publicly posted.

If you visit the EU thread you’d see posts indicating that it is already live in that region.