The best RP server, right here

I’ve been here since day one, when the server opened on 1/16/09! I’ve witnessed a great deal of change on this server; both the highs and the lows. This server will always remain home for me. Part of that is because of the friends I’ve continued to forge adventures with on this server for over a decade now. But what has always made Wyrmrest-Accord great has been the walk-up RP.

This harkens back to a largely unremembered time, when Wyrmrest Accord launched in the supernova of dying stars: Argent Dawn-US and a few of the former largest RP servers. Everyone migrated to this server with the intention of creating the greatest guild ever. Apart from the pre-established guilds that server-transferred together, the server was oversaturated with 1-10 player guilds in its forming months. So much so that the Guild, [Nay I Wont Join Ye Guild] was one of the largest guilds during the early days! (That’s because we didn’t have a block guild invitation feature in the game yet.)

Nevertheless, all these guilds of 1-10 people fell apart and suddenly there were hundreds, if not thousands, of guildless players. This gave birth to the unique community that sets Wyrmrest Accord apart from any other RP server, and it is that element which I’ve always appreciated the most. On Wyrmrest-Accord, you can enjoy role-playing in your community without joining a guild or a clique, and you don’t have to surrender to lore-breaking server proxxies and server fanon in order to participate in the RP. Wyrmrest Accord has always been a server which has championed the individual first, and it’s because of that individualism that the community has survived as long as it has.

The Walk-Up Roleplay might seem strange to some, but it really is the backbone of the server. It’s what builds up to the fun and spontaneous events and the really creative events. Unlike most RP servers, you don’t have to ask someone’s permission to role-play what you want, or to organize an event. You can just have fun and enjoy your own creative license. You don’t have to appeal to “the establishment,” only concepts which may offer fun for two or more people!

Wyrmrest-Accord reflects the best of MMORPG roleplay. It continues to harken back to the style of Everquest and Classic WoW RP, where the WORLD is the main character and everyone does their best to explore and share in an adventure!

Long live Wyrmrest!


Something else I might say in addition is that Wyrmrest-Accord is friendly to players of all ages in ways that others are not. For example - I recently purchased a World of Warcraft account for my nephew who is ten years of age. He’s a smart kid for his age, and has enjoyed table-top RP. He loves playing WoW with me and my guild because it means he has something exciting to look forward to each and every day.

However, as a responsible guardian, I cannot allow him to play on Moonguard due to its ERP environment. It is inevitable that he is going to experience the internet being what it is; but Wyrmrest remains my top choice because I can remain comfortable that any such activities will be done privately and I do not have to worry about my nephew being exposed to adult content. On Moonguard, we wouldn’t even be able to complete the starting quest in Elwynn Forest without being exposed to public ERP.

I know I’m not the only player in this situation, and I think it speaks volumes about the Wyrmrest Community. Players trust our server enough to let children play here. And that’s important because those players will grow to be the future of the community. I myself was only 12 when I started WoW in 2007.

Wyrmrest is a community that is safe, friendly, and you can trust almost anyone here with showing public dignity and common decency.


How the heck do you post twice in a row?

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By typing the post when it’s 3:00 AM in the morning! :smiley:

Where can I begin my search for a guild on WRA? My fiance and I have leveled our pally and priest to 90 and decided to use our shadowlands boosts on a pair of warlocks to bankroll faster flying, etc. We would probably enjoy some RP and the only guild that’s responded was a BDSM guild which we weren’t interested in. We’ve been playing as alliance for years but it would be fun to be part of a group that we could actually find a third for pvp islands or some guild heroics/mythics, etc. Do I just try to use the new community tab in-game?

In my experience, the best method which is most likely to result in a satisfying experience is to just RP out in the world, find the people you enjoy RP’ing with the most and whose guild concept gels most with your character(s), and eventually working your character into those guilds organically.

But not everyone really has the time for all that. :stuck_out_tongue:

So let’s do some guild shopping!

And if you’re open to Horde guilds…

The majority of these guilds are active and recruiting. Also try hitting up a couple of server events. You’ll see them advertised here on the forums and on various social media platforms. They’re a great place to meet people and network. See which guilds are running events of a sort you’d be interested in.


hug is definitely still recruiting, for sure. Name change is incoming to be more Mythic/PvP/RP friendly as well so if you act now, you can take part in the poll :wink:

I have nothing against MG personally but WrA will always be my home. :smile:

I do it all. MG Alliance, MG Horde, WRA Horde…

… ok I don’t have a WRA Alliance yet. My Alt-Itis is bad enough as is. But I do love to habg with you guys.

I can post twice

If it’s not your post I haven’t had a problem

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MG the only thing people complain is ERP IN GOLDSHIRE AHHHHHH! which is like, a non-issue.

ED is…these days deader then dead at this point.

WrA is good, it has just about the same pros and cons about any other server.

To me what makes a good RP server is people RP which WrA and MG seem to have plenty of.

Pretty much every RP server has an ERP community. Moon Guard just gets more crap because theirs attracted off-server trolls.

These people are a bunch of poopy buttholes and I love them all to death

Yep, still feel the same way. :100:

I remembered the time when I was first realm-hopped to WRA back in 2016…it was whole lot of a welcoming change from the crap Dalaran server. I have joined WoW in Dec 2014 then took a long hiatus when my grandpa died around that time. It wasn’t until April of 2015 when I first got my gaming PC and installed WOW by my friend’s suggestion and loved it ever since. Been on Dalaran and made some friends but it didn’t last long since friends come and go. One day, one of my friends decided to show me WRA realm by realm hopping me back in 2016…probably around Legion pre-patch. And I really loved it…such a welcoming change and have many good communities and guilds there. Once I got enough money, I transferred few of my characters to WRA and never looked back. I have seen the Alliance and Horde of this realm and I love the feel of closeness of each other. Hell, both guilds I am in on Horde and Alliance were shocked when I ended up at a hospital back in summer of 2017 due to pancreatitis. Didn’t even log into Discord until I was home to finish my recovery when I was greeted by a lot of caring friends. It’s the closeness of each person on WRA that made me stay, even if they’re a random stranger! Also, not only that but some funny stuff that I see here on WRA is the reason why I stay on this realm. :smiley: Love all of you, people! <3

WRA is the perfect server to scratch that itch between my cough “weekly” DnD games.

Oh and the people here are pretty good, I guess.

How is the population while leveling? I’m thinking of making a character here because I heard the community generally friendlier.

Pretty sparse from what I’ve seen, unfortunately. With the Vulpera coming out in a couple weeks, there should be an uptick in people leveling.

It’s a a pretty good server if:

  • You’re Horde and never turn Warmode ON
  • You’re Alliance and always have Warmode ON
  • You get free bonuses as Alliance even if you outnumber Horde heavily in WPvP, to the point of camping Newhome for hours without contest

As someone who isn’t a tryhard PvPer but like to dwell in it from time to time, I hate the experience and always go back to my MoonGuard Allies and contribute more to the issue, I basically get 25%+ rewards handed to me for free 24/7.

For RP though, it’s super good, and if you like a chill WoW experience I couldn’t recommend this server enough :slight_smile: