The BEST Guild on Emerald Dream

What is the best guild on Emerald Dream in terms of…

RP -
PvP -
PvE -

In my opinion:

RP: Clan Battle Hammer or The Redwood Tribes

PvP: The Guard

PvE: Nascent


Some people on here may argue that Warsong Battalion is the best pvp guild on the server with zerg strategies… but I find it hard to see that claim to be true when they get dumpstered by The Guard 11 v 34 in their own capital city.

-Vamptdrood: Guard Officer, Mythic Team raid leader

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We gotta eat, and thank you WSB for feeding us back in Org!! :wink: … it was glorious 11 > 34.


Real hot take from the FAKE NEWS! Liberal media spins it again…

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The hell kind of a post is this.

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what do you mean?

lol it never ends

RP: my guild

PvP: cool guild from the forums that killed me

PvE: guild I want carries from


whats your guild?

You guys are a riot!

Dead ED is so cringe holy crap. How haven’t they thanos snapped this server yet

Its weird because I think its still the most balanced server in the game

Faction balance only really mattered when their were PVP realms, and before Cross Faction everything existed.

Factions being balanced on a realm doesn’t mean anything now.

(also dont mean much when its two inactive sides, but the entire game is suffering from that…)