The AWC Season 1 Circuit Has Begun!

The AWC Season 1 Circuit Has Begun!

The first AWC Circuit of Shadowlands continues this Saturday, March 27 at 10 am PT!

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Love me some AWC!


I like it too, until its the same classes, and comps, for the majority of all the matches. Due to the extreme broken nature of them.

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Well we have holy priests and restoration druids and shamans now.

Alot of warr/ret but seeing alot more variety now.

When it eventually sifts down, RMP, or some form of that will be the comps that you see, simply because combustion is simply too OP. To where you just lock someone down and then blow them up in a short chain.

The circus is back in town.


I bet the pillars weren’t even asked for consent before people went to town on them.

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well said.

Let us guess Blizzard…there will be Mages, Priests, Druids, Pallies ect…the main metas.

Whoever does not have a meta team you will not make it far.

Nothing like Ret pallies, Rogues killing people in one stun.

Nothing like basing your whole plan of action around not letting convoke cast.

And Fire Mages…I think you and Druids need another buff…since there has been absolutely no REAL class balance since the game launched.

But notice how other professional sports actually try to make it as even as possible with salary caps and weight limits and other legit factors to make the competition as even as possible.

But Activision/Blizzard will not do so. the CEO needs another yacht and can’t waste money on things that would keep players.

Hopefully we will buy one or two that’s a good 2 to 3 years of steady work for the people that make yachts

Looking forward to watching more caster cleaves drag every game to dampening.

Congratulation to those that made it to the AWC!

Someone please do Arcane Mage, I will give you an e-HighFive!

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