The auction house deposit

I recently came back to the game again to get my auction house flowing so that I could have a steady income to purchase WoW tokens to play both classic and probably a little BFA.

I use TSM4 to post almost all my 1000+ auctions across multiple servers. However, looking at my bags I was noticing THOUSANDS of gold leaving my bags as I was posting. I came to conclude that it was a combination of Heavy Borean Leather, Hardened Elementium Bar and a few other items.

It would seem that posting all 40 of my Heavy Borean Leather at 400g each would cost me 3000 gold?!?!?!!? That is ridiculous. Or, posting 1 Hardened Elementium Bar would cost 200g to post?! Which is crazy seeing they are only worth up to 1000g. Theres also little reason to post these items in higher than stacks of 5-10 because the crafts they are in are all in that range or even lower.
(keep in mind I didn’t plan on posting 40 singles, I simply saw what it would cost if I were to post as singles before I switched it to stacks)

So I tried posting at stacks of 5, which is about 82g per stack of 5. Which, is still crazy high considering the item may not even sell for the next 10-15 posts. At which point I would have spent more money on deposits than I got back from the item selling.

If we look at posting stacks of 10, its 84g. Stacks of 20 is 88g. I understand they want to stop the auction house from being flooded by singles, but it honestly doesn’t seem worth posting old world crafted materials. Also before all you say “Well why are you posting old world crafted mats in the first place?”. Stop. You know this is the World of Warcraft right? that encompasses the entire game, not just the current expansion.

What world would we be in if nobody posted old world herbs, ore, crafts, etc. Right now you think you probably don’t need it, and maybe you don’t. But some people still need to level professions or want to craft old world Tmog, or just want to sell what they want to sell.

The system to avoid posting singles is NOT working. I still see plenty of singles all over the auction house. What I have seen is a decline in old-world materials/crafts posted. That’s all you’ve done blizzard, once again, you reduced the size of the world to the current expansion. Good job.


The Ah needs rework yea, but I think removing the tsm addons would make it also better. You wouldn’t have that problem if you weren’t using it. Nobody manually post 400 auctions.


I just use TSM for everything except the items i talked about above. I manually post those now in stacks of 5-10-20 etc

Most materials can be posted in stacks of up to 200. Most people leveling old professions will buy in full stacks anyway. Expecting postings in stacks of 20 is not at all unreasonable.

Some people do still post singles, but I’ve seen a big reduction in that, and a big improvement in people posting reasonably sized stacks, since this change was made a year ago.

There are fewer people leveling old professions, but it has nothing to do with AH changes. Rather, it’s because you no longer need to level old professions to level newer professions; each expansion can, and must, now be leveled separately. These days, people only level the expansions they want to level, especially as BFA provides strong incentives to switch to preferred professions.

It’d be nice to browse the AH and not having to skip the first 5 pages full of single crafting items.


My point was blizzard continue to alienate the entire World of the game and put more focus on the current expansion. I think that’s a terrible philosophy seeing as there is so much world out there not being used.

You’re not really considering the game as a whole, just solely BFA.

I wanted to start crafting Vial of the sands on one of my servers, And there was 0 cata herbs posted. I was forced to manually mine and herb all the materials i needed, and for the most part i had to farm all the volatiles by myself. Personally not opposed to that as i enjoy farming for myself, but it clearly shows the impact this change has caused on old word materials that don’t sell as fast or for as much as current.


I believe blizzard said they were already working on an auction house rework, but I could be wrong

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That would be awesome, but i cant say i heard that from anyone else. But i hope you are right.

You can do that with TSM too, you know.

It’s not a “plug and play” kind of addon. Learn how to use it before you go flooding the AH.

I know how to use TSM thank you very much. Stop assuming and get off your high horse. I have plenty of operations posting stuff in various stack sizes. Just because I want to manually manage a few specific items out of my bags doesn’t mean I don’t know how to use TSM. Thank you for your concern :slight_smile:

Looks to me like you were just upset at not being able to flood the auction house with annoying singles.

The change was made in response to two things: first, people complained about having to page through all the singles. Second, auction house searches and actions started taking up to a minute or two on larger servers. Both of these have a much bigger effect on the player population in general than a few providers having to post in stacks.

You were happy farming your own materials, so it didn’t hurt you.

People who prefer to use auction house materials can still do so. Typically there are small numbers of the items you need. Buy one or two at a price high enough for farmers to make a profit, and within a day or two, there will be stacks of 50-200 available. It’s not really much different from how it used to be.

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If you were one of those idiots DDOSing the auction with hundreds of 1-stacks, you’re exactly the reason for the deposit changes.


You certainly didn’t give that impression but okay.

No need to get so defensive. :man_shrugging:

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You’re simply assuming that. You don’t know who I am and I don’t know who you are, you’re attacking me personally instead of my argument. In fact, you aren’t even considering my argument you just go on about your own ideals.

You must be on a high-full pop server where all of these concerns aren’t present. But hello, welcome to low-medium pop servers. We are struggling with merely 2000-5000 players maximum. Which, in the modern day of WoW is really really small. The big servers have 30-40k people at all times (probably more tbh).

On my server, there are at max 0-2 auctions (usually 0) of the herbs I am talking about posted. So your assessment of stacks of 50-200 will be available? Hahaha. No.

Also, your point of me happily farming my own materials “So it didnt hurt me” is such a flawed statement. Just because I found my work around doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt me? I don’t even know how you can come to that conclusion.

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I have the same complaint about crafted gear from previous expansions. Make leather, cloth, or weapons from WOD or Cata and put it on the AH and the price is crazy. Its hard to sell to begin with because almost everyone leveling in expansions uses heirlooms so you end up putting your crafted items on AH over and over and each time the AH gets you for 25-50 gold.


Finally, someone else who understands what i am talking about. I do crafted and farmed transmog as well, and noticed this. Very good point that should not be overlooked.

Crafted gear isn’t affected by the listing price changes; it is always sold in singles. I agree it’s pretty hard to sell crafted gear, but that has always been the case for things from old expansions, with a few exceptions.