The Ashlanders are recruiting!

are a friendly, social leveling guild thats been around since 2009! Which makes this year our 10 year anniversary. We already have over 540 members (mainly alts though), but we are looking to really kick start our year out with new ACTIVE members that is willing to make this year our best year yet! So, let me tell you a little bit more about ourselves.

About us: The guild was formed back in September of 2009 by a some friends and been around ever since. There are still some of the original group members around, and they sure have some fun stories! :slight_smile: But like I said, we are mainly a social leveling guild, but we are willing to spread our wings and try new things as a guild family, but we need to boost our ranks some more. So, here are some of the guild activities we do as a group already…

Activities: We are pretty good at doing all the in-game holidays as a guild such as Midsummer fire festival (being we are a fire based guild), Brewfest where we have our own guild event for that called Nude Ram Races, and all the holiday events. We also do old content, we do mythic and keys runs, timewalkings, and our newest event drunkin dungeons runs (just please be 21+ year old for this lol) and much more and most of all, we just love helping each other out and having a good time. Now you are wondering if we raid, well, to be honest… no, BUT we want too we just need more ACTIVE, friendly players to fill our ranks. We just are not going to be a hardcore raiding guild. :slight_smile:

What we look for in a guildie: We are looking for honest, friendly, helpful players who are willing to help out a guildie in need. Be on a regular bases and patient, cause sometimes there isn’t a whole lot going on. Alts are welcome as well. All classes are welcome.

Social Media: We have a few ways of getting a hold of each other. We have a facebook, discord and even a website.

If you have any questions or wish for an invite, please contact me (Alfar)! We hope to hear from you soon! :slight_smile:

-Alfar (Temporary GM)

Contact info: Bnet MsAlex#1985
Server: Shadowcouncil/BlackwaterRaiders -US (Alliance)

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