<The Ascended> Recruiting for 8.3 Raiding

The Ascended is a raid progression guild on Stormreaver that was created the summer of 2019. Our first tier raiding was EP where we achieved 4/8 M progress. We are looking to push prog twice a week into Ny’alotha for each of our two teams. We also have M+ events on Fridays and casual/alt raids on Saturdays.

For more information, reach out to Notes#1114 for recruiting.


  1. What are your in game and discord names?
  2. Do you have previous raid experience?
  3. What are some of the most beneficial/unique aspects you will bring to raid?
  4. What is(are) your spec(s) and ilvl(s) for that/those spec(s)?
  5. Are you available 7-10PM CST for raid?
  6. Will you come to raid with personal food, pre pots, flasks, and abyssal healing potions?
  7. What type of pie would you be and why?

What rolls are you recruiting for?