The Ancients Misbehaving welcoming casual, social and lgbtq players

The ancients misbehaving is a guild of folks who want to be a part of a lgbtq focused, social and casual guild.
Our goal is to have fun in the game so we are looking for others who want to make friends in game.

We raid wed/thurs from 8:00 to 11:00 pm est. We have a normal/heroic progression raid group. We are not an aotc guild.

We have folks who like to pvp, do mythic and mythic+ and old content for achievements.
We are looking for folks just want to have fun getting bosses down, come regularly and ready to raid and leave any drama at the door.

We are a diverse and inclusive, lgbt along with allies guild. We have both lgbt and straight here and we want this guild to be a safe haven from the toxic environment that can be found in wow.

Weekly schedule
Normal raid Tue/Wed 8:00-11:00 pm est

Heroic content once finished with normal, but we are not an aotc guild.

Current raid needs are 2 tank/dps offspec, and a few more dps

Check out:

Or contact:
Donnie – YogSothoth16#1918


I am in this guild and its got a really nice folks! So if u want to run with others, solo, raid, or just a place to chill, we are that!

Currently we are looking for more dps and a tank/dps off spec for our raid team going forward into the next raid. Looking for folks who want to show up regularly and have fun in the game ready to kill bosses.

We have milk and cookies… and no, despite what you may believe, the milk is not from me -.-

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omg so funny but yes the cow has milk and cookies!! AND he can dance!!!

Yes come to the Dark Side… our cookies are fun and low stress raiding. It’s better to die with friends then to die alone.

Current Normal Raiding Nights are Mon and Wed 8:30pm server time, we wrap up around 11pm.
We are looking to add an additional raid night for Heroic, so ping us we’re forming that up.
Old Raids Night is Thursday’s 8:30 pm - come for the achievements, mounts, and transmogs.
We have a discord to join for any of our events! We don’t just raid either.

Want to raid but your guild doesn’t raid? Come join us we are a guild, but we also have a community that is welcoming to all. All raids and events are dual posted. Stay in the guild with your friends but join us for raid nights.

We regularly run M+ dungeons and World Events to help people get gear. We will set up PvP runs for either battlegrounds or random events. We have a few PvP slayers that like to run around in Warmode so you won’t be lonely.

The group is welcoming and friendly, we try to keep things PG-13 but it’s not perfect, we keep threatening to turn the guild bank into the swear jar (jokingly, we’re 100% not serious).

And we are currently looking for a tank/dps off spec to join our raid team. We are also looking for more dps to join up too! We offer cookies and fun!

We need more cows in the guild

ohhhhh and i suppose i can make one!! But it will be a hunter of course!

No Jen not another hunter! We need an intervention she has a hunter problem! But seriously we are a great bunch of folks! And we need a tank-dps offspec for our raid and of course more dps!

No, no more hunters for you Jenny Jen Jen. Do we need another guild intervention? But seriously, we need more cows in the guild. /moo

but hunters are AWSOME!!

We need more to come join us for all that we do. More for dungeons, old raids, new raids and more.

And of course we are looking for more to raid with us Tues and Wed 8-10pm server time

Always looking for more folks to join us!

We have a fun raid group in BoD and looking for more to join us!

We are in need of a tank/dps off spec for our raid and for running mythic+. We would like someone who has a tank/dps off spec. Raid nights are tues/wed 8-10:30 pm est.

Always looking for more to join us.

Looking for tank/dps so we have more for mythic+ guild runs. Always looking for more dps for raid.

Always looking for more adults who want to play in a casual setting, raiding with friends, getting bosses down and having fun doing that. We don’t push content but want to have fun. So we are interested in folks who want to get normal done and have fun in heroic without the pressure of aotc. Because folks, it’s about fun in the game with friends! We are always looking for more dps and tanks/ dps off spec.