The Al'ley Cat of Oribos


I am trying to do The Al’ley Cat of Oribos so I can enter Tazavesh, the Veiled Market.
When I went to the innkeeper, the quest is not available.
I did check multiple time in my quest log to confirm none of the quests that are part of the chain is there.

Anyone know how one would get to Tazavesh in 9.2 ( if you have not done the quest) ?
The FP in Oribos has no flight path. I also interacted with Ta’meri in Oribos : nothing.

Thank you!

Is it possible you abandoned a quest while midway through the chain? You would need to travel to another location to pick up if that’s the case. You can insert the quest ID of each quest from the wowhead URLs into this quest tracker to see if any parts are completed already.

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OMG I abandoned it on the 5th quest “Above My Station”

Thank you very much for your help!

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Where can I find the ID I abandoned it also

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i asked the GM cause i had the same problem "please be advised that the quest you will need to finish is Seeking Smugglers, in order for you to complete the quest chain:

For more information about the guide, allow me to kindly ask you to check out the following link:"