<THE ALL MiGHTY> (A) Old Blanchy Classic

THE ALL MiGHTY , formerly (currently) on Suramar PvE, is looking for members! We have a long history going back to 2004. We have zero interest in becoming a large impersonal kind of guild. We’re hoping some more former members come join us for the fun. Right now we have our original GM GLok, Ivyrose (me), Bishop+Chedara, SOF and Xbob. But we welcome anyone who wants to level/run instances with other guildies. Would love to hear from Ethermo, NV, Winds, Warfire, Pad, Than, Stslong and many, many others!

If interested add hoggz#1220. I’m on late-night daily after 11PST.


Ah I remember that name (Ivyrose), I know this is a older post but hope things are going well for you all in classic, I went by Roldy when I was in TAM in WOTLK (Ret Pally) but Jinroku (human warlock) for most of vanilla.

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/wave @ Ivyrose

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