The 2022 MDI & AWC Global Finals Start July 8!

The 2022 MDI & AWC Global Finals Start July 8!

Everything you need to know to celebrate the 2022 WoW® Esports Finals and become a Fearless Spectator!

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Excited to watch and see the new strategies!

Can’t wait for the next Great Push as well!

No. This Esports nonsense y’all keep pushing has gone too far. Stop it.

Also, because I am going to continue saying this, what Blizzard did to Arthas was bad.

Stop making bad choices. >:(


I’m freaking stoked to put the AWC on a background muted tab for 3 hours while I nap and earn titles :0


The RMP tourney has been yawn. Too many RMPs


the MDI sucks. bring back legion style dungos

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-raises paw-

Why isn’t it Cryptic or Cosmic Spectator? Fearless was a Legion season.

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When is blizzard renaming AWC to RMPC? RMP has been incredibly strong since arena’s were a thing. Really would be fresh to see other comps in the mix… With all the nerfs to other classes its pretty sad. Also nothing done to deal with RBG’s and Guardian druids being virtually the only real choice in RBG’s. Season 1 I would often run with DH or Guardian(everything else was still bad) and now the only real option is Guardian.

Ok I’ll take the title

you have 1 legendary, you don’t even play the game. why do u care

how is this a reply

I have 100+ toons… but I don’t even play the game, according to you.

OK. Sure buddy. Such a good try.


Nice necro, Becky, and by the way, two legendaries does not a gamer make, read a book for once GOSH

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The character cap is 50.

I have six accounts.

C’mon now, this is elementary logic. Multiple accounts, nested under the main bnet account = oodles of toons.

It’s funny. I’ve gotten two “trolls” (can barely even call them that, frankly, with the weak attempts) trying to goad me in the past few days.

If they tried harder, really made an effort, perhaps I could give a tip of the hat towards them. But… it’s just super low effort stuff lol.

Meh, makes me lol at least.

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How about making a game for everyone and quit this esports crud in a MMO?

Not quite a necro, but not fresh either.

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Lower difficulties aren’t removed to make way for higher ones.

If anything the game has only become more accessible as time has gone on.

Not at end game. Not with them pushing a specific type of mentality in terms of playstyle.

As a general statement, to the ether/void/forums:

If anything, I would argue that the very nature of their changing the game so much to focus on esports, has caused a diminishing of the game itself. It has devolved in to a gogogogogo mentality, that has infected every aspect of the game.

For example, I was running an alt through some Classic dungeons earlier this morning. Queued in as heals for Dire Maul. The tank caused several wipes, by consistently pulling more than he could handle, and not taking in to account that some of the mobs in there silence, stun, etc. Several us attempted to guide him on this, each time a wipe happened, telling him that pulling big groups, rushing too much, not waiting to see what the mobs did, were causing problems and had to be accounted for.

But… I see it a lot in lowbie dungeons… it is all about this gogogogogogogogogo omg gogogogogogoggo rushing thing. I see some people here on the forums saying, “It’s always been like that”, and I am here to say, unequivocally, that NO it has not. No ma’am, no ham, no spam, it has not. Maybe in some groups, sure. Maybe more towards the end of patches/expansions. But at all times? Not by a long shot. And saying so just brands one as a liar.

Again, I talk from a lot of experience here. In terms of sheer numbers of toons leveled, I have seen a great many different playstyles, strategies, trends for each expansion. More so than most, I think it is fair to say.

The current esports mentality is a plague, causing a slow rot amongst the playerbase.