The 2021 Arena World Championship Finished with an Incredible Grand Finals!

The 2021 Arena World Championship Finished with an Incredible Grand Finals!

The Arena World Championship: Shadowlands 2021 Grand Finals concluded with phenomenal victories by Horizon and Method NA!

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The reverse sweeps were fun to watch.

Now that it’s over…

Can we get some class balancing done for 9.1.5?


EU was a great competition and a quintessential display of what the esport can offer. NA was… the opposite of that.


I normally don’t buy into the memes but yeah EU was far more dynamic and entertaining. NA was zug zug .


Drake on WW was zug zug.

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woo, now for the love of god balance pvp! please!

warlocks want in groups, hunters are a one man army, melee need to stop one tapping everyone, monk spinning kick bug is annoying, and being killed by a rogue or druid in their opening stun out of stealth is not game play.

Had no idea this was even going on. Lol


The last two series with back to back reverse sweeps in EU was good, and NA was pretty good if you pretend WW doesn’t exist.

Watching GGs duke it out after a rocky start with a DC only to get repeatedly curbstomped by a single ability in the finals was disappointing.

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And zero fks were given. Nobody cares for your elitist bullsh!t anymore blizz!


Those, uh, 19,000 views and 302 thumbs up are a real indicator of how much the community cares… and how popular WoW is in this regard, yes?


“Arena world championship, incredible grand final!”

0 likes on post, nobody care fix ur damn game


Imagine cheering for Method when that guild had some very interesting similarities in the very recent past to what blizzard is currently dealing with.

drake was great to watch. method na seemed on another level idk eu teams seemed were more evenly matched idk maybe my imagination i enjoyed both.

I only come here for the comments.

I second this.

they are fixing the game are they not? why are you here?

Incredible huh

Stop making your e-sports happen


why cause you dont like it?

I came here just to see the number of likes the thread got.

I was not disappointed.

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