The 10.0.7 Content Update is Now Live!

Yeah… wondering why it got another push notification.

Also are they done with 10.0.7 because we already see a new patch labeled 10.1 on the PTR.

As a sub rogue who only plays pvp. I speak for all rogues when we say that we hate secret technique and its so clunky to use. It does not fit rogue at all due to the aoe it brings. However we have to play this because it is the only build that is viable. An easy fix would be to nerf secret technique, and buff eviscerate. (for pvp only) Please blizz.

Upthread people were speculating about what the patch date might be and now I see the headline specifically saying March 21, so I’m guessing that was the edit.

Really looking forward after all this time to making a worgen monk.

March 21, in 2 days.

Appreciated, but my post was well before an announcement, so nobody knew yet. This thread was edited with an update.

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Speaking of Forbidden Reach, how many of you guys tried flying there and got zapped out of the sky when reaching there? I have done that maybe…twice.

Ah, my mistake. I didn’t check the dates, I just replied.

I read something about a Zskera vault. Had puzzles, secrets and keys? I don’t know much about it. It’s not enough to entice me to come play relevant content. Maybe they will continue to build upon it and give better looking rewards. Still I appreciate them trying to do something different and that is fantastic.

wow blizz I pay you a monthly subscription and you abuse me with constant updates wtf is this i can’t play from 9am until 5pm? you guys should start adding lost time due to constant updates back to the player.

does it take a rocket scientist to figure out that you guys should be doing these large updates at low pop. times like idk 2 am - 8am might not upset everyone so much. just using my brain blizz try it out

(Insert random ungrateful/entitled whiney comment here)