The Øld Gods - Warning

I just joined this guild for shadowlands last week and last night I was banned from their discord without warning, without notification, while I was in the middle of a conversation with one of their officers (casual conversation). I asked an officer to investigate why I was removed and they replied, “because a complaint was registered” but did not know specifics and said that they would look into it.

The next day I was removed from the guild… once again I received no warning or notification or explanation or reason. I can attest that the guild was not for me, that it was a pve-only guild, many of their primary raid team unable to complete torghast at ilvl 180, but that I did not criticize or slander them openly or cause drama in their guild chat or discord.

They smoke pot openly in discord and talk about dead babies found in alley bags but oppose “toxicity”. The Old Gods is a multi-server, thousand-player, community with at most 10 people active in discord on the weekend. They do not group, and actually seem to try to avoid grouping from the several times that I attempted to form groups for dailies, questing, torghast, and heroics. I had planned to leave anyway, but because I was removed without warning or error I am warning you all: The Øld Gods is a bad guild.


But… Armory shows you still in that guild?

I am no longer in that guild. The armory is not updating.

Sounds like burnt guild, thank you for the post. I will be sure to avoid them :joy:


Like the plague!!! They are across 20 servers.

I joined them as well, one of those mass invites when I was on an unguilded alt so why not, right?

The people seemed nice enough in guild chat, but it quickly became obvious that it wasn’t a good fit for me. It felt weird in ways I have trouble expressing. There was a drive for people to go roll on their new server. Put your hand up if you want to be an officer. Nightly lotto. Join discord and get a free level 25 pet (which never came). Just an odd vibe.