That's Cool. But Could We?

That’s all well and good. Seriously. Kudos to whomever decided this.

Could this same person also implement account-wide essences next? That’s be really awesome.

The community would love you. They would throw flowers at you for days. You’d walk on a red carpet wherever you went. A mariachi band would follow you around in celebration.

Seriously, though. There are those of us who wish to truly enjoy this game in the aspect of alts. However once the realization sets in “Oh. I’ll need to grind again for weeks just to catch up essences.” most are on the edge of being immediately turned off.

I would love to play more than one or two classes. What I do not want to do is grind essences out on those characters. I do not mind the leveling, the catching up on gear, redoing the necessities to unlock the content zones, or even redoing the entire legendary cloak quest chain over and over again (without skipping scenarios). Grinding essences is the stopping point. It’s the road block that says “Oh. Never mind. Yeah. Not gonna do that again.


Keep unsubbing.

They’ve nerfed the grind 3 times so far, via increasing Coalescing Visions TWICE and reducing rep to revered.

Next step is severely nerfed essence grinds, or account bound all together.

Keep unsubbing

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Character progression should not be account-wide.


This + none of the essences are hard to get.

I get that, and over all I agree. In this case I think something should change with essences.

Having to level up and gear an alt is one thing. But going through the same trivial objectives again to make alt viable is obtuse.

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I agree. But this isn’t character progression. It’s a system that, in some aspects, takes weeks to grind out.

As I said in the OP, I don’t mind leveling. I don’t mind going through the gearing process / progress. I don’t even mind repeating necessary quests to do things like Naz / Mecha / obtaining the cloak. That is progression and I do not mind that being character specific. I don’t even mind the little time it takes to grind the neck from 35 - 75 again.

Going on alts and having to grind out Naz to get rank 3, farming 30,000 honor on a class I have no intent on PvPing with, farming the multitude of reputations again, having to farm of various “combining elements” (even if the requirements were nerfed). That is not character progression. That is unnecessary time gating and a severe turn-off to some players who would like to enjoy alts.

It’s not a matter of difficulty. It’s a matter of efficiency and an opinion of unnecessary repetitiveness.

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