That word "Noticeable"

Why does this statement keep using the word “noticeable”?

Seems to me the ilvl gap from top to bottom in MoP/WoD/Legion was “noticeable”, I would not describe the ilvl gap since Legion as “noticeable”.

It sounds like the design goal of PVP gearing is to create a large power gap that can only be overcome by playing rated PVP.

Anyone else feel despite ‘hearing’ the massive outcry, they will just continue to ignore the core issues with PVP gear?


Blizztard’s, If it isn’t broken don’t fix it: They buy WoW Tokens and boosts to shorten the gap.

Community’s, If it isn’t broken don’t fix it: MoP and WoD gearing was perfect and didn’t require illegimate scammy fraudulent practices that reduces the game and playerbase’s integrity.

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