That season 4 mount looks dope

I had no plan to play during s4, but that pimped put voidwalker has forced my hand.

For reference: Season 4 Mounts - #2 by Linxy-11302

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Perfect for us Void elf Warlocks.


i say on u goodjob , how do u get a picter on the inernet


Its still dumb. Sick of fart cloud mounts.

Just give m+ the pvp style mount and pvp the m+

That would be neat, but with how much the PvP community cries about everything in sure they’d rage at that


Thank you.

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Ooh that would look good with my blueberry.

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Unintentionally a great warlock mount, lol.

The color of the armor doesn’t match the violet at all. Change the armor to a dark color or a color that combines.

Never settle! Stop the color changing bs!

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For real, it is! Same colours as their heritage armor!

Another recolor.