Thanks for the past decade of fun <3

With how BFA has turned out, I’ve taken a second job to kill the time rather than play WoW. With my laptop being aged and me not willing to spend extra money for the ability to move around in WoW, I’ve obviously decided to just stay logged in so people have access to the AH in the Harbor.

I’m not able to reply while I’m at work due to my craptop being mounted under my desk but I try and make sure I’m logged in so you guys have access to the AH.

While I appreciate all of you who keep sending me donations that I bounce back, I made enough gold xpac from mission and alts to keep my account active for a long while.

If you still want to donate something, just send anything to Moirasha who has been the GM and a good friend of mine in Shattered Fates for a very long time.

Just tell her to text or pm me and I’ll match anything anyone sends her.

<3 to everyone and hopefully I’ll have the time later to play but until then, enjoy the AH as long as my bosses boss isn’t around!

This guy, server MVP.