Thanks for listening

Especially for fee. I do not want to go into PvP without a chance for my money. I will be taking them to court,

Anytime, Flybys!

Thread number three of nonsense.


I also want to PVP for a chance at OP’s money.

Lets make this a class action suit.



Just out of curiosity, what do you think your monthly payment is for?

And you have my axe! (Ok, I only have a cane right now, but still - dorf power!)


I’m happy to represent you in court, pro-bono. I didn’t go to law school, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn.

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so you made this

and you did not get the response you wanted and you need to make another one

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He also made this one in between:

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do you just wake up and say “this is the day bois, im taking blizzard to court. for real this time.” sternly??

A distraught man enters the tavern. “I’m looking for heroes to help me avenge the death of my brother!”
“You have my bow!” says the archer.
“You have my axe!” says the fighter.
“You have your brother!” says the necromancer.




Are you pvping on that character your posting on? I stay away from low level pvp like it’s the freaking plague. Just wait until your max level.

Came here wanting to meme this.
See it already done.

Good lad.

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Be sure to hire Saul Goodman

Another one I’ve always loved:

A band of adventurers barge into a tavern, but one starts knocking over the furniture.
“What are you DOING?!?” demands the barkeeper.
“Checking for mimics,” says the adventurer sheepishly, while the rest of his party looks embarassed.
“Mimics? No such thing!” says the barkeeper.
The barkeeper laughs.
The other adventurers laugh.
The table laughs.