THANK YOU so much for listening to the community Blizzard!

As you all know holy paladins have been running absolutely RAMPANT on the pvp ladder with their INSANE HPS and INFINITE mana pool and making it unfair for other healers.

Thanks for these changes. Hpals should be more in line with the other healing specs now.
I cannot help but point out that mistweaver monk and disc priest have been underperforming and i feel as though a 15% healing buff should be in order.
Furthermore, I think it would be appropriate to give MW monks a second charge of life cacoon and disc priests a third charge of PS to give them more options in their cooldown rotation in the heat of battle. Anyways overall good job on the paladin nerfs i expect more great things from the dev team in the future . Thanks for all you do!


Are u talking about PTR? Because holy palas right now are one of the worst healers…

No i play 2 holy paladins on live and I am a multi gladiator and I can confirm that holy paladins are completely broken and RUINING pvp!!


And clearly can’t differentiate PVE frmo PVP

Holinka’s parting gift.

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buff healing pala



I was waiting for you to mention ANY buffs. Amazing :joy:

just a social experiment bro there’s a camera right there bro chill

unfortunate. first time i’ve seen a hpally ever was on an alt lol.

Nah they need to buff mw and disc. Rsham could use some love too

god this sarcasms dripping all over me is rather sensual

Thats what happens when we call for warlock nerfs.

Our curses work.

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Attempted demo gut was just the start.

No spec is safe

key word is attempted. Fool the masses into demo gut coming, nerf hpal instead.

The master plan is working.

next is outlaw rogue.


i can’t believe this is real hahahahah why does blizzard hate hpal

Not what specialized sites shows…

The buffs are the huge rework theyre dominating the ptr with. Its fire mage and hpal turn to get released in an op state after rework.

Holy paladin could definitely use some more nerfs in this meta mabye give it an ability that gives its own team MS ! :smiley: