Thank you for Classic!

I know there is a lot of negativity and hand wringing on the forums here, as always, but, as we hurtle towards the launch, I just wanted to take a moment and say…

Thank you.

Thank you for the effort it must have taken, to bring this wonderful game back. It is the source of so much joy for so many people, and it cannot be overstated how important this game is to so many people.

I know I am not the only one appreciative of being able to play this version of the game again,

So once again,

Thank you.

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Aww. I have to agree. The team that did bring us this game did great work. Thank you all as well.

Vanishes off to spacegoatland.


Yes, thank you Blizzard. I can’t wait to play!


Thank you for never wanting to do this, and only doing it as a last resort while retail circles the toilet hole.
Thank you for going out of your way to tell us we didn’t want it.
Thank you for censoring people off forums just trying to talk about it or ask for it.
Thank you for trying to shut down private servers whenever possible, which were the only option to even play it.
Thank you for making us wait 13 years to host it again.


I could have one year worth of salt for my steak with this one post.

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I’ll offer my thanks to the individual humans who worked to get blizzard to do this, and the small group of blizzard employees who did the work to achieve it.

2 negatives make a positive tho

Better watch out for those kidney stones pal.


I’d like to thank the Nostalrius team, Mark Kern and his 250k sigs saying they would play classic (I was one of them), and to the bean counters at Actiblizz finally adding things up and realizing it should be a go. and to the personnel who actually did the work? /hug


I’m all for being appreciative of work done by the hard working folks at Blizzard HQ - but remember, you pay for this product. They are NOT gifting the experience to you.

Hope you enjoy your Classic experience! Happy leveling.


Absolutely agree. It has its problems, to be sure. Its not technically #nochanges as I hoped. But it’s Classic. It’s what we’ve been waiting with belated breath to see if they could do it for years. And they are doing it. I’m excited. I’m probably not going to play for long, but I love that it exists and I’m excited to participate in it.

Took 15 years but it’s finally here. Cheers blizzard and their development team for doing it

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I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you, Blizzard!

+1 OP.

Dreams can come true it seems.

And not only that, but they were pretty dedicated to giving us the closest thing to Vanilla they could, which is pretty close.

Yes, thank you to the giant corporation who finally realized their vision for wow is completely inferior to the original game they inherited from a team who cared. They finally realized the only way to make money is to go back to the original version this team had no part in making.


You got a bit of brown on your nose there.

Nah. Brown nosing is a thing, only if the person can (or expects to) get something back. What’s he wanting? Nothing that I can see.