Thank you Blizz for ruining equipment

I love it when you spend your time leveling up a new character, and decide to go and treat yourself to the auction house goodies to help you improve your gameplay. Only to find out that you spend nearly 80 thousand gold on equipment that you cannot use. Because “You can only equip one shadowlands craftable.”
I am sorry but what the actual F*** is that BS? Since when? What is the point of even using the auction house for equipment if you cannot even use any of it. What is the point of even leveling up a profession if you cannot make yourself equipment and use it.
Stupid update after stupid update. This game is getting absolutely ridiculous. If I wanted to screw myself for 15 dollars a month I would go and buy a subscription to the HUB. Not this BS. Blizz, quit wasting everyone’s time and produce some actual good content with good updates. Instead of making your community miserable, maybe listen to them.