Testing Burning Crusade Classic Launch Again on May 13

Maybe have the test time not in the morning/early afternoon on a WEEKDAY. We have jobs you know

Uh, I’m pretty sure what Kaivax is saying is “there’s an unexpected error trying to test the thing we actually wanted to test so we have to close down early to fix that and try again tomorrow”

If the test were working properly I’m pretty certain it would still be going now

I didn’t even know a stress test happened today.

We’ve now updated the Launch Test realm. All of the characters that were previously there have been wiped, and the realm is again available for login.

We have the Launch Test realm in name reservation-only mode, so feel free to go ahead and create characters there to prepare for the test tomorrow.


Was massive lag like 4-5 seconds trying to talk to NPCS and stuff. I hope they work this out.

We’re about an hour away from opening the Dark Portal on the Launch Test beta realm for today’s test.

Yay! I just made my character! All ready to go to the portal!

it says all of them are offline (even launch test)

They are preparing to open the launch test server. It will be up in about 40 minutes.

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It’s fully open now.

It was still in name-reservation-only mode, and then we had to take it completely offline for a couple of minutes for … reasons. But it’s open now and testers are coming in.

how do we get in on this I opted in for the beta the first day it was available and still havent received an invite is this tied to the beta invites as well?

Will the other beta realms be brought back online?

figured would be more pvp action with the amount of peeps heading in, maybe too much lag for groups

I mean. . we tried. . Kind of hard at 2 fps.

But that is what the test was for.

I managed to get twenty kills on a fresh shaman never knowing if I hit anything with chain lightning because it took so long to cast.

Push the release date back, we all need more time, and you guys need more time to get your servers playable.

What are you going on about?

They are ready

May I remind you of what the stress test is for?

Just like Classic launch

Again, this is not rocket spaghetti!!

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was too busy shooting folks to check my ping but 40+ when I was watching it after the initial inrush

Your own ping is not affected by server lag

Shush up now little one, the work is done.

lol, the ending was great… I managed to stay alive until shut down!

That was a lot of fun!