<Tempest> [H] AEST guild recruiting

Tempest is currently recruiting. We are a 10/10 guild seeking a few additional dps for MH and BT progression.

We are currently recruiting for:

Hunter and Warlock

Raid Times: 8pm to 11pm Server Time (Invites start at 730st) Wednesday and Sunday

Loot is a Main>OS with exception to weapons and a few other items that are allocated on loot council, generally reserved for the pumpers. (See additional details on the discord channel)

Attunements for MH and BT must be completed, preferable geared players (thou not strictly enforced)

We are a English speaking guild. If you cannot verbally communicate over discord, you need not apply.

Hello, I am attempting to find a guild for a server transfer since my current server is completely dead, I had to stop raiding about 5 months ago due to real life obligations changing. I have logs for all tier four content was wondering if a warlock position would still be available. I have logs as well as know all fights of current engagements.