Tell Your Story With Character Customization

I hope that the human faces and skin tones have been disconnected. It is very annoying that certain faces are restricted to certain skin tones. Also the same for the scars.



you guys are getting to the login screen? I cant even get past the blizzard update agent without it saying my game is corrupt every time

lololol <3 I needed that right now !!!

Some incomplete or missing features.

For Humans: Scares, Skin Colors, and Hair Color/Styles are locked to faces. Needs big Wizard Beards.

For Blood Elves: Most of the new options, like Jewelry, are only for Females. And the Jewelry has limited Colors. They need Runes, Damaged Ears and Scars too.

For Void Elves: No normal Hair Colors to match the new skins. Black and White are a must.

For Gnomes: Needs Einstein Hair and Mustache. Also the options to be covered with grease.

For Night Elves: Females don’t have Body Tattoo options despite being the first with Face Tattoo options.

Orcs: No Grime or Tusk options for Females. Needs Dragonmaw options.

For Trolls: Needs Tusk colors. Sandfury have Black Tusk.

Nightborne: They need Everything.

For Goblins: They need some Bling and some face Soot.

For Worgen: They need Scares separated from Face and the options for Body Scars.

For Forsaken: They need Stitches and Beards.

The rest just need general options like scars blind eyes and the like.


They really need to put Solitaire on the login screen.


Where’d my tail go?



I made a perilous journey trying to get this glorious loot, i made it pass the infamous retrieving realms boss but then THE LOADING KALIMDOR SCREEN APPEARED! it was a gory fight, but in the end i lost


It’s good but it really needs more variety.

Humans: Vrykul Options, Wizard Options, Kul’tiran Hairstyles and Colors, Asian Hairstyles, and etc.

Dwarves: Small Facial Beards, Female Beards, Warcraft 3 Options, and Frost Dwarves.

Night Elves: HighBorne Options, Druid Features, Brown/Black Skin Tunes, and etc.

Draenei: Eredar Options, Broken Options, and etc.

Worgen: Female Tails, Scars, Wolf Human Ears, and etc.

Void Elves: Tattoo Paint, Scars, Beards, Eye Color of Pink and Normal Human Purple and Blue Eyes, Hairstyles of More Original Blood Elf to New Ones or mix of other elf characters from different games, Hair Colors of Pure White, Black, Red, Orange, Blonde, and Brown, Silver Jewelry, Void Elf Skin Tunes, and etc.

Orcs: Dragonmaw Orc Options, Mok’nathal Orc Options, and etc.

Undead: Beards, Nathanos Options, Liches, and etc.

Tauren: Taunka, Yaungol, and etc options.

Trolls: Forest Trolls, Ice Trolls, Beards, and etc.

So much more stuff you guys could add in the future.


true draenei really need more skin color

and they allso need to make option for all race draenei allmost got nothing new

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Gotta get your realm servers working first

I have been hunched for far too long!


this challenge is hard, the kalimdor loading screen deals 2938749238472938 damage

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I am a Gnome so I already started with near perfection. I will however experiment with purple and beards and such after I fix the mess my tool bars are in.



i love the options… shame i can’t reach’em.


I would tell my story and create my Tauren hunter how envision him in my mind, but you see… there’s a noticeable lack of any Grimtotem face and body paint. There’s also no scar options for them, which is shocking for a race whose culture revolves around stuff like “The Great Hunt”.


Love the new options!

Players absolutely love this stuff in general. Blizz should really have prioritized cosmetic and customization options for WoW a lot more than they have over the years.

It’s an incredible source of features that players would love, and that don’t mess with gameplay balance at all.


Or at least Bejeweled since it’s in-game. Tie it to Log-in reputation, skip the queue at XX points.

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I literally just put a new hair and beard. UNFORTUNATELY I GOT NO SCARS, but I guess the beards looks nice.

Gnomes once again get the short end of the stick eh? Can’t release the expansion on time. Can’t release the pre-patch on time. Can’t release the pre-patch in a cohesive unit.

Not much you guys CAN do