Tell me your realistic working problems you encounter while playing the game

When i ask this, I don’t mean the absence of features you want like Random Dungeon Finder, I mean realistic problems that either impede your ability to play, or impede your ability to compete.

I’m talking about ingame problems, guys.

I mean, I don’t know if I’d call it a real problem, but I find it very difficult to find consistent partners for Arena PVP, which means I’m usually playing with new people and/or not really ideal compositions.


Warriors need buffed tank and DPS spec.

Perhaps remaining consistantly with one partner that you win with often with should reward extra arena points?

What’s the problem with the current specs?

I can barely raid Ulduar 25 because of stuttering and chugging.
Ulduar 10 has zero problems for me, it’s just 25-man that does anything weird. It feels like I’m being DDoS’d every time I engage a boss, and it started only after we did our first attempt on Algalon. Now it’s every boss, every time.

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Water in wintersgrasp.

it actually serves tactical functions. Its now skipped. Water obstacles are meant to hinder and choke point travel routes. But they need water to do that.

Now some speed run their mounts in the lake dry beds. Great for fast travel for those on south backcap duties. Or hunting the people on backcap duties. why die on the roads when very few watch the dry lake/river beds

One needed a class with water walking for this before. Or be a druid.


On my server, the AH seems a mixed bag. Some simple things are insanely high priced, others seem more reasonable. I used to be able to use Auctioneer to get some idea what things are selling for but not anymore. I’m thinking this phenomenon exists because it’s a bot-based economy.

I’ve had to skip over a good majority of elite quests because there wasn’t enough people leveling interested in completing those quests, and since my guild, like most guilds, is pretty quiet outside of raid night, and I’m not buying an 80 to come do the quest for me, I end up just abandoning those quests.


Their once a year banwave isn’t good enough. Many of these botters have like 20+ other accounts, not all of them were caught. In fact, you likely don’t even notice a difference because so many of them have dozens of accounts to burn through.

Cost of items on the AH and RNG for boss drops.

I’ve stopped looking at BiS lists because this expansion is just going to be another one where I just live in off set pieces and side grades. Tank gear of value doesn’t drop when I am in a raid, getting the shield off cat lady was the last “big” thing I won. It’s not rolling low, its things just not dropping. Bums me out.

AH is players and they can charge what they want to for their items but it gets annoying. Just let runed orbs not be insanely priced please.

the lack of RDF impedes my ability to run low level dungeons as often as i would want when leveling a new character


lack of race changes and servers transfers to locked servers

It seems an easy compromise to just have RDF work for normals only (or til like level 70 only or something)

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its gotta be the People. this game would great without all the people


Thankfully soloing them can be an option, even if you have to wait a bit to do so. At 80 you can even solo TBC dungeons if you’re stubborn enough. XD

I mean, on Westfall the prices seem to be dropping daily. I’d be surprised if I logged in and they’re still over 300g each.

Sounds like a client side problem to me. Maybe call your internet service provider to check and see if you have any internet problems?

If it’s not client side, I suppose other people here could chime in if they’ve experienced similar problems.

Wait, the water is still gone? seriously? wow.

Actually, the insanely high priced items are there due to gold selling. Gold sellers have people put up random items for insanely high prices, then buyout them.

Blizzard really needs to add auction reporting, plus it would be nice if they could just have like four game masters going through all the reports.

A notable problem as an mmo matures. this problem isn’t as prevalent on lower pop servers such as eranikus or skyfury, or so i’ve noticed. Maybe start a character there?

yes, I agree with you. Blizzard really needs to hire more game masters.

Bag space on tank / DPS hybrid characters

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My biggest problem is with the AH.
All AH from every servers and every factions should be linked.

Why? On some server you just can’t sell anything. 5 minutes after you list something, some joe arrives with his auctioneer or god knows what add-on and undercuts you by 20 copper. It does not matter if you yourself undercut by 1copper, 1 gold or 20 gold.

It’s insanely annoying and if you aren’t on 24/7 and keep undercutting these ppl (or maybe bots) you will not sell. They will just undercut you over and over and over again, non-stop, every hour of every day.

At least if they linked all AH, the simple fact everyone bought from a same place would force stuff to sell simply by raw demand. Oh and auctioneer and other AH mods should definitely be illegal. Not happening, but it makes selling just regular goods near impossible on some servers. It’s even worse on low pop servers (except on week-ends, sometimes).

selfish people
people who just roll on stuff without knowing if it is good or bad for their class
people who refuse to learn or get better
people who look down on others because they are good at wow
people who cant handle wiping to learn a new boss
people who start drama.

there are some great people in wow but its the bad ones that ruin everything for everyone


The water should be frozen anyways.