TCG Mounts and pets

If blizzard implements these items that were in the game for a week before tbc came out and DOESN’T implement the original unarmored epic mounts… I’ll drop dead.


We can share a grave my frend.

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Nah mine is fine, it isn’t vanilla. And anyone with a stroke of intellect can come to the same conclusion.

Well you’re not Blizzard.

And blizzard is not 1 person, maybe I’m 1 of manny.

At the very least, the 41 point talents were available.

Was the BFA pre-patch that introduced the first 4 allied races part of legion? You could not get to the BFA areas, but some of the BFA content (allied races) was available.

Yet, in 2.0.1, you couldn’t make a blood elf or draenei.

Until Blizzard makes an official stance on what expansion pre-patches belong to, all we have is opinions.

Your claim was that none of the TBC content was available, which is not even close to being true.

REALLY? What content was available. Enlighten us. The two races weren’t enabled and you couldn’t go through the portal, so what are you talking about?

I already pointed out that the 41 point talents were available.

I may be incorrect, but i believe that many of the class changes that TBC was bringing also were part of that pre-patch.

Or are you going to tell us that was not “content”?

  • Looking for Group Interface Tool
  • New Talents
  • Revamped honor system
  • UI Changes

Must be part of vanilla then.

Just going by Programmer logic it being 2.whatever and not 1.whatever is enough to know it doesn’t belong to vanilla.


Simply put – there will not be a way to redeem TCG codes in WoW Classic.


what about Murky?

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Anything post 1.12 is TBC. The patch was brought TBC systems, talents etc into the game. It wasn’t vanilla wow. Why do you think blizzard is using the patch before it?

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Yep, the assets of the first three items (turtle mount, whelpling pet, tabard) were in patch 1.12 but the vendor (Landro Longshot) to transfer the code generated from the website wasn’t added until after 2.0.

Just in case I double checked Booty Bay during the last stress test and confirmed he wasn’t there. =(

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You couldn’t redeem them in Vanilla, so you won’t be able to in Classic. Landro isn’t there.

Also there might be legal issues with upperdeck, since they no longer make the card game and those codes were used in their card game. But I’m no lawyer.

Can we please get clarification on Murky as well? Even though this was in 1.12 is this considered code based and not planned for?

Thank you Kaivax.
This clears up a lot. It is sad that I will not get to bring my turtle to this wonderful world, but he will be well cared for with my other characters who still reside in BfA.

~ Guifonrider the Insane

The items are ingame FYI but it would all depend if Blizz add availability later down the line. Not as if they have ever gone back on a forum post. Last I checked frost tabards were $1k+ but all sold out at the moment