TBC-Wrath era Hydraxis players

Hey was talking with some old Pantheon alumni the other day and kind of reminiscing about the TBC-Wrath times. Wondering whatever happened to some of the guilds (I know Darien transferred Pantheon off) like KL, Socially Inept, and others. Also any players still on server from back in that time?

Out of Exile is still here and doing our thing. We were founded in the beginning of WotLK. I’ve been maining the same char since back then and a lot of the former KL guys joined us and some still play (Dracen, Antelope, Joeronin, etc.). Not a lot of the old guard left but more than you would think, just I feel a lot of people have changed chars or taken breaks and lost touch once they came back.

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Good old Hydraxis :frowning:

Hi just came back after a long break. Saying Hi!!!