TBC Netherwhelp Collar not able to be claimed

I have multiple accounts mostly because of Recruit-A-Friend back in the day, and after Bnet was a thing and everything was made account-wide, it really didn’t matter which account I played on.

Up until right now when it suddenly does matter for this one very specific instance.

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Posting on me new Draenei! I think the subject of why someone has multiple wow licenses is totally irrelevant to the topic at hand.

Like the OP basically said it didn’t matter until now when Blizzard decided to gate it from players in this situation after year’s of it not being gated. This doesn’t preserve the original game in anyway and takes something away from owners of the CE.

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Yes it does, you could only gt the pet on the account that was upgraded to CE , even if you had multiple accounts. Meaning if you wanted netherwhelps on all of your accounts you had to buy that many Collector editions. How is it fair to those people that you just get a free Netherwhelp when you didn’t buy the CE for the account it is associated with?


This is reaching quite a bit. It’s not “free” when I paid for it to begin with, and I simply do not use that account anymore. I wouldn’t care if they disabled that account entirely and transferred the license to my current account. I just want to be able to use my Netherwhelp.

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Pretty much what Luka said above, We both own the CE it’s not a ridiculous request to want to use the Netherwhelp or transfer the key to an account on the same bnet account. (In fact from research I’m pretty sure this has been done for others in the past). Everyone has different circumstances in hindsight I wish I had kept playing on my original account.


Bad News…in today’s hotfix the verbiage was double downed on. Burning Crusade Classic Hotfixes – Updated June 8 I’ve been posting in this thread also regularly in an attempt to get someone’s attention regarding this.

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Replying to myself to keep this topic going, regardless of lack of answers or clarification regarding this situation I am hopeful that Blizzard will decide to change the policy someday.

Because some of us lost the account over time, swapped to a second account when you couldn’t have horde and alliance on the same server or any other issue that they may have had come up.

I own the CE on my original account that I was able to get back in Cata due to losing the password during multiple moves and linked to my bnet, so I have the FoS and my Hand of Adal title.

Why can’t I get my pet in TBCC if I can use that title and pet in retail?


You can.

Just play on the account with the pet.


There is 0 reason you shouldn’t be able to use your old pet in TBC Classic especially given the circumstance. It’s frustrating to people who own the original CE and TBC CE to bar it like this.


This is really sad and disappointing. I played with two accounts for a very long time for varied reasons, and merged both into Battle.net when forced to. I had two subscriptions. Something like this makes me regret that.

Unfortunately, I too have accidentally chosen the account that didn’t originally have my BC collector’s edition on it. Keeping this locked in such a way that my only option is to start over on the other account really dampens my enthusiasm for TBC Classic. I was really looking forward to it, too.

Man, it just feels more and more like they could care less about the players these days. If fun is detected, it must be destroyed.


Heya Belrath,

I’m sorry to hear this and thank you for sharing your story in the thread about this. Hopefully this is the best thing we can do to draw attention to this issue. It’s not fair that you are unable to use your Netherwhelp as an original CE Owner.

The policy in place by Blizzard right now feels cruel in my opinion. I’ve been having fun playing TBC again but i’d be lying if I said it’s not as fun as it could have been with my pet following me around.

I also have the option of playing on my old account that’s been unused since 2008 and I just can’t bring myself to as this is something non of us should even have to consider paying a separate subscription for considering we all own the Collectors Edition.

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Thanks for the reply, Boxamus, and thank you all for keeping this alive. I am not sure I would have found the answers I did when I sought out Google for information today if not for you.

I might feel differently about things if it weren’t Blizzard’s actions that led me to condense everything together in the first place. I definitely wouldn’t have lost track of what was where if we hadn’t moved to a system that merged it all many years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I like being able to access it all in one place. However, I feel like if that’s the route they wanted to go with this, it shouldn’t be used as a punishment now.

I have used that second account recently, but I really don’t want two subscriptions right now. I’d also have to start characters over that I used in RP back then, and am reliving now. I don’t think my leveling partner would want to wait for all that, nor do I want to start recovering the things I’ve worked to collect. It’s all a bit messy.

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Weird, didn’t have an issue getting mine

It’s even worse in the OPs case, full Naxxaramas gear had the pet for years on live with 0 notice about this being the case. It’s extremely frustrating that Support could assist with this as well but the devs have basically tied their hands in doing so. The best thing we can all do is continue to keep this discussion alive

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Are you playing on your original account the key was claimed on by chance or a seperate license on your bnet?

There’s no way I’m starting over now, I’ve had this character since day 1 on Classic release. I can only hope one day the devs decide to make this change to allow us to use our CE pet even if we don’t use the same account it was registered to 15 some odd years ago.

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Then you don’t get the pet.

Pretty simple, really.

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I don’t agree with this policy so that’s why I’ve created this thread so everyone can voice their opinion and maybe get it changed in time.

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I do.

Don’t like it? Spend $1,200 on a TBC CE.