TBC Classic, Ashkandi - Archmage Cedric nowhere to be found

TBC Classic, Ashkandi:

Attempting to turn in the quest “The New Directive”. The turnin NPC Archmage Cedric is not present.


This is happening on Faerlina Alliance as well


Please Blizzard we just want kara

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just tested it, u dont need attunement to go in…

This is kind of a big deal for that trinket to tank in TK. Sadly this might not be fixed for a while. Blizzard needs a high sense of urgency on this!

Same thing is happening on Windseeker as well. The NPC isn’t there to turn it in for: The New Directive.

Tobais the Filth Gorger for the quest: Of Thistleheads and eggs… is nowhere to be found either

I can’t find Tobias the Filth Gorger either he is not in Lower City where he shold be.

This is also an issue on Herod … Archmage Cedric is no where to be found…

Ditto on Westfall. No Cedric at 16, 55 by Dalaran.

Unable to turn in quest on old blanchy…

Same problem still on BSB.

Still not there on Westfall as of 9/22 @920am

this is what GM replied to me :)) they never do any real investigate

Issue ID: #81369642

A Game Master resolved your ticket, and left the following response:

Hello Adventurer! With our ticket queues being extremely busy, and in the interest of saving you some time, we are sending you this automated reply with some resources that should help you with your quest issue. Please try out the following steps: - Re-logging or zoning to different areas can sometimes resolve phasing issues. - Abandon and re-take the quest, where that makes sense (abandoning a quest will cause all current progress to be lost). - Check our support articles for any specific mentions of your issue: https://battle.net/support/ - Check the comment sections of various fansites for the quest that you are having trouble with:Reset your User Interface and try again without any addons: If you believe that you’ve encountered a bug, please report it as such: Thank you for your time!

If you continue to experience issues, you can reopen this ticket. If you have a new or separate issue, please submit a new ticket.

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Blizzard Support

The response given is common as noted in the actual response. In this case it appears to be a common cause a GM probably wouldn’t be able to help with. Until development discovers what causes this bug and the possible fixes, a ticket probably will not be necessary as GM staff generally do not fix bugs. GM staff do not generally bypass quest mechanics simply because it can cause other issues down the line. Hopefully with this bug report there is enough information for quality assurance to discover the cause, allowing development to fix this in short order. If you read the last sentence you’ll note where it says to reopen the ticket if you have a need for additional help.