TBC Classic 6/1/2021-7/1/2021

Am I going to have to gather my fellow short races so we can bite your ankles?


This isn’t the point of Classic servers.


As someone with a baby horde TBC mage that couldn’t find a pvp queue to save my life in vanilla classic, I have to say though I’m not gung ho I do see what they did there. I’m actually planning on gearing up primarily to pvp at cap (exact opposite of what I do in retail) and if queues sucked I’d just, well, jump back to retail.

It’s not the situation anyone wanted but it may be what was needed?

Honestly that scene hit me like a freight train when I was a kid though.

Being completely unchanged was never the point of Classic or TBC.

Who knows? I’m no game designer/programmer, but if I had to guess there might be something inherently different in the coding of Classic that might have made this easier than trying to put merc mode into Classic.

They do mention that this does not apply to AV:

Guessing it’s something in the War Games programming that made this trivial to implement compared to merc mode since Classic and TBC never had merc mode.

No. Changes to Classic in any form are bad. If you had issues with systems in BC, maybe it’s not the game for you.

If you want QoL like what retail has, play Retail.

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Not all gnomes are cute.

Blizzard made changes for the health of the game.

I am yet to see one that is not cute to me, you’re a lovable smallie and you’re cute, get used to it :smiley:

Everyone in Classic is 100% #nochanges… until something inconveniences them… then it’s #changesforthisthingbotheringme

(I don’t know how I hit reply to Tovi… Meant to just be a general reply lol)

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Why? If you want QoL come to retail.

The point of classic was to play how it was. Regardless of how bad it is.


Keeping it exactly the same was never the intention. They added the Chronoboon Displacer in Classic.

No, if it’s bad it will lose players, and the game will die.

If the game isn’t good enough to keep players over a trivial aspect of the game a.k.a PvP, is it good at all?


I wouldn’t bother. Trying to explain the few minor changes to a #NoChanges tool is a waste of time. You’d be better off talking to a wall.

Big reason why I stayed away from Classic for the most part. I remember back in the beta for Classic that a group of them absolutely lost their minds at the mere suggestion of even trying to implement achievements, updated character models, and transmog into Classic.

I could perhaps see the latter being an issue regarding how it would have an effect on server economies and BoE gear getting overpriced, but achievements and character models? That would have literally done nothing to change the overall experience.

They mentioned they were going to be some changes to the game for TBC… One example they gave was along the lines of leaving Mu’uru or however it’s spelled in Sunwell Plateau possibly unnerfed since players have gotten so much better.

Changes like that, I understand and would love to see. Adding a brand new method of PvP’ing to the game before they’ve even been able to implement their new looking for group feature isn’t really what I was expecting.

How is it trivial? Isn’t that half the endgame?

face cringes in horror

I am a harbinger of death, with an inherent need to cause pain and suffering. I animate corpses to do my bidding, and spread plague and disease without a second thought.

How is that cute?

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Aww, teenie beanie. So lovable! Yes, you are a harbinger of death! QTQT :heart_eyes:

The quick litmus test. Can we communicate and can I put you in my purse? Yes? Ok you’re adorable.

Imagine me, the human, not the gnome saying this. lol My gnome is also a cutie to me.

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I’m more fascinated they gave same-faction anything to TBCC before it was given to retail. Big yikes.

It’s sort of a step in the right direction of what I’ve suggested for retail PvP all along, just wrong game version.