Tazavesh, the Veiled Market Heroic Difficulty Available in Season 3

Tazavesh, the Veiled Market Heroic Difficulty Available in Season 3

Gather your party and discover exotic wares and strange creatures in Heroic Difficulty Tazavesh: the Veiled Market with the start of Shadowlands Season 3.

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I still want a pirate dragon mount!


I wonder if they’ll do something for the Hylbrande rune calling (heroic and mythic) or we’re just gonna see pug groups get wrecked.

(I’ll assume most people won’t ever have the add on for it…)

Thank you for keeping Survival Melee.

It will shine in Season 3.

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Good luck timing a key in Tazavesh m+ lol. Streets of Wonder you have 38 minutes to kill the first 5 bosses. It took my team an hour to even reach the fifth boss, let alone kill it. And we were way over count. This isn’t a “well you don’t know the meta sweetie,” its a situation where there is simply too much trash and the bosses have way too much health and mechanics.

What ilvl does heroic dungeon content even drop? You can buy 226 ilvl off a vendor.

I don’t really get the sort of no-party match-make-only player mindset, so maybe being able to queue for it will let people experience the content in some fashion, even if it isn’t really an authentic experience.

What? i was expecting it to be splitted into 2 part of 4 bosses like the previous megadungeons. Weird choice.

Why would you expect that? Sol’eah is the boss of the first portion thematically, and then the theme switches.