Tazavesh Soleahs Gambit: Hylbrande Bug

Had it multiple times now, even after resetting the boss. One orb randomly disappears and you cant finish the immunity part of the boss.


I came here for this same issue! I did Hylbrande twice on my DH today and the orb only disappeared when I picked it up and we had to wipe twice to finish the boss fight and I wound up not touching any orbs since it disappeared both times when I touched it specifically.

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I also had the same problem

This still is happening, today I had the same problem and we couldn’t finish the key because after 2nd wipe everyone left, fix this =/.

Had this happen today both times it was the same player walking over the orb, a Hunter. Lost my 25. Please fix.

Same problem just happened to our group. The blue orb wouldn’t show up twice. Had to leave and let the key deplete. Toxic system, btw

Has anyone received any feedback from Blizzard about this as it has just happened to me again this week

this is still happening, 3 times in a row. appears to be tied to the instance