Tazavesh 5th Boss BUG in key runs

Hey all, the 5th boss in tazavesh market is currently bugged broken, and of course cost our group failed key run, and finding this out the hard way.

If the boss is pulled and moved backwards at all he now will automatically reset. If the tank and dps hit him on his start spot for a small time, then moved this doesnt seem to happen.

But if the tank moves the boss backwards a step or 2 on pull he will automatically RESET.
This causes failed key times as traditionally dont like to pull this boss to middle of room on start because of the portal walls that apear thier. Typically move boss to back or side so their is time room to do the portal hops when that event occurs.

Please fix this, so the boss can be pulled and played anyplace in the allowable area for it. not reset because he took a step backwards or 2 on a pull and reset making our key timer fail, that is bad.

OH FYI, many of my friends told me this occured to them in their key runs as well