Targeted griefing

[Many thanks, issue was rectified]

If you think someone is using an exploit, you’ll want to report that. Right click and report them for cheating. No need to submit a ticket. you can also send your sceencaps and videos to

Blizzard is not gonna drop a ban hammer like a bolt of lightening from the sky (however cool as that may look). They are gonna investigate and try to figure it the exploit out and patch it. Then they will deal with the players that abused it. It’s not an instant process


Thank you! yea I understand that. Its just a feeling, you know? You show up and your friend is there and you’re happy to see them, you barely ask how they’re doing and you wanna catch up and then the alliance people will slowly stand around you and here comes the horde guy with the guards… and you know for the next 5 or 6 hours, all you’ll be doing is running back as a ghost and waiting 5 minutes over and over again. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

I would think then, maybe I can get addons or something that can detail the spells used so that i can document the exploit with more information. So far as i can tell, the mage will use spellsteal on the guard. Spellsteal causes a visual effect where all nearby players “flinch” as if struck by something, and thats when the flag carries over. For the druid, they just cast lots of heals that spread to nearby friendly players and when the hot spreads over, it puts you into pvp combat status. But is there any specific information i should try to look for and document that can help my case? I would be sending this directly to the hacks email account if i can document it well enough.

To me, it also sounds like an ongoing harassment situation. In these cases, you should report, ignore, and never engage them back or whisper etc. The exploit sounds like another issue and I agree the hacks email is appropriate. There is a ticket option specifically for harassment. This may be useful as well:

You’re welcome! Either way, I would still respond to it as harassment and do not engage them in any way and ignore anyone that you can.

stay mad because you died to standing near guards… you flagged urself chief


Just don’t stand near the guards, its happening in alliance area. Stay mad and flagged, unfort.


Daddies here


dying as a horde in an alliance zone lulw


Imagine being mad for dying in an alliance area unforch maybe vulp should stay out of goldshire and you wouldn’t die


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What else to do besides /beg


Grovel on your knees.


Sorry to hear that.


Just move alliance if you’re crying this much lmao