Target pets target macro help

Trying to find a target pets target macro to use with a few of my attacks to help simplify my game play a little bit. Any help would be awesome.

You’re better off setting macros that command your pet to attack your target and use claw with your abilities. I’d post mine but my computer is out of commission for the night.

Sounds like youre looking for a target of target macro. Theres no way to macro attacking your pets target, but you can force your pet to attack your target with /petattack macrod to your abilities.

Like mentioned, its usually used with /use Claw, etc, to force your pet’s basic attack as well.

If you ask in the UI forum there might be a way to attack your focus target’s target. I dont know. I do know you can attack your target’s target though.

You can target @focus target and put your pet on focus. That’s a way of backing into it and how I misdirect to my pet or a tank depending on content. Can’t log in currently to paste the exact macro I use, but you can find it on the interwebs by looking for “wow hunter misdirect to focus target”.

That said, I agree with others’ statements here that you should have your pet targeting your targets, not you targeting your pet’s.

/target enemy
/cast Dash
/use Claw(Basic Attack)

Maybe this will help some…

This may seem like a necro-post, but question was never answered, and I figured it out after coming here for an answer. So to help others:

/tar [@pettarget]

I had to add this line to a macro that was breaking my target. It’s not theoretically ideal for what I’m using it for, but in practice it works perfectly.


might be a necro, but probrably better than what i’ve been using which has been assisting my pet, or focus and it gets me into trouble in groups so thanks =)

“might be a necro”

I know this is not exactly what you or people in the past are looking for but honestly you should simply have your pet attacking your target.

#showtooltip Kill Command
/cast Kill Command
/cast Claw
/cast Bite
/cast Smack

This should be macroed with all your basic abilities (Kill Command, Barbed shot, Cobra Shot, Multi Shot)
For Kill Shot a mouse over macro is generally you best option so you stay on your current priority target even if another target enters execute.

#showtooltip Kill Shot
/cast [@mouseover, harm, nodead][] Kill Shot

You can also use this macro for Counter Shot which is VERY helpful in almost any situations in PVE or PVP.

Trying to fallow your pets behavior is sort of a counter intuitive. The idea is for you pet to fallow your commands and priority. The in game behavior sets are less then fantastic causing your pet to some times lag (not switch targets, not use its attacks on cooldown) The macros listed at the top will give you absolute control of your pet and allow you to leave your pet on Passive.
Additionally if you ever need to cancel your pets auto attacks you can hit the passive button or a /petpassive macro to have then heel. This can be very useful on fights like Sylvanas were the pet AI can get confused when the boss teleports around.

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This is a little late, but I was looking for something similar to OP.

#target current->pet->next
/cleartarget [dead][noharm]
#if target dead or cannot be harmed, clear it
/target [exists];[@pettarget,exists]
#if no target, use pets target if it exists
/targetenemy [noexists]
#otherwise select next target no target exists

#/cast or /use something on the target here

I keep pet on defensive and use @pettarget to keep the pet on their target when using specials

/click PetActionButton9
#since /petdefensive does not currently work
/use [@pettarget,exists][]Claw
/use [@pettarget,exists][]Bite
/use [@pettarget,exists][]Smack
#specials to do more dps than autocast

I use this:

/assist [@focus,help] [help] [@pet,exists]

In a dungeon or raid I’ll typically set a tank as my focus and then I can quickly swap to whatever the tank is targeting. If no focus is set, but I have an ally targeted, it will assist the ally, and lastly it will assist my pet.

EDIT: It’s all well and good to macro your pet to attack your current target, etc., but

  • That reduces the flexibility of your pet, when you don’t want it attacking the same target as you (it happens).
  • Doesn’t help when you are in the middle of a big AoE, either grouped or solo, and want to set your primary target to the target your pet is already attacking.