Tanks in solo shuffle

Just qued solo shuffle to get 2 tanks instead of healers. WTF?
Also wtf is this not cross faction. Love my 20 min ques as ally.

Yep. Sometimes (rarely) you’ll get a tank in place of a healer on each team, with the rule being that if one team has a tank then so does the other one. There’s also a special rule where prot paladins only get matched into each other.

kinda stupid i went on my enh shammy and the other 3 dps were casters. Legit impossible to win if no heals.

queue up that resto spec, guaranteed tank-free instant queues, ive been enjoying it

personally okay with tanks in shuffle tho, its always a disoriented, messhall bunch of matches anyway, just like ladder 3s tbh

Can you link source?

“When it comes to Tanks in Solo Shuffle, Protection Paladins have a distinct advantage due to the potency of their off-healing. Our current plan is to have Protection Paladins only match up against other Protection Paladins”

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Would… would you prefer tank dps healer?

I’m happy it’s over quickly.

Brewmaster? :slight_smile: