Tank/dps dk/war, 8/9 heroic xp looking for new home

Thanks for looking!
I have returned to the game and am looking for a new guild to call home for 10.2 and onward into the new expansion.

I have history of a CE raider in Pandaria and since then pretty much been mid-core since then. I am looking for both AOTC and mythic raiding, mostly if the guilds a positive, fun environment that has progression as core feature (whatever progression is, be it mythic or heroic) then that would fit my requirement.
Mostly since Pandaria I’ve been AOTC + early mythic bosses.

I have multi gladiator xp over shadow lands and dragon flight, which in itself doesn’t directly translate to pve, however should indicate that I can string a coherent sentence together :slight_smile:

My Battle Tag is ohdaddy#11244, feel free to reach out if you have any queries or drop a reply here.
Currently my DK is heroic ready, my warrior will need a little work to get up to speed but i have the rest of the year off to get it there. I also have another character that is 465ilvl that I can contribute on till warrior/dk is up to par.

Happy to xfer to you.
thanks for looking

Hi Quincarren
< From Below > Looking for more players to fill our ranks! All roles are welcome. If you are looking for a guild with a solid focus to push M+ Keys & Raid with a friendly environment we have a spot for you. Raid Times: 7-9pm EAST Wednesday & Sunday. AOTC ATSC 9/9N 9/9H . ATDH 8/9N 3/9H