Tank recommendations?

The internet wants to be wolves, dragons, and anthro dogs, not literal bears.

Vengeance is great right now and imo pretty new player friendly.

I don’t know, the draw to druid for me was getting to be a cat or bear. Bears are sick, and so are guardian druids, especially with… I think the talent is wildfire? The one where spending rage eventually releases heals. Very nice.


Guardian druid is great. I’m not a real tank. I mostly only dabble when it’s really needed. But guardian feels safe, strong and sturdy straight off the bat. Your defenses are simple and obvious, you have easy and clear pulling through moonfire, you do good damage in your own right for any solo activities. Not to mention all the utility you bring to a group with rezzes, stampeding roar, a buff and some heals. Plus bear forms just look awesome!


Prot warrior

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Good informative thread for beginner tank and class choice here:

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Thank you for the suggestions!

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Prot pally. Fun to play and easier rotation while having high dps and a lot of CDs to use to help both you and the group

Not from around here, are ya?

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I find It annoying , sigils are love/hate

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I’m leveling a bear Druid right now and it feels great pulling an entire dungeon and my group looking at me like I’m crazy.

I’m sure the spec is gonna come back down to earth at 70 but we’ll see.

Any will work honestly, unless you’re trying to push high mythic keys. All tanks are kiss (keep it simple stupid) in how they are played

druid. + if you have the bear form(s)
you would look cool while tanking? xD

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I wonder how many people see it that way. I actually think it’d be pretty incredible to be a big ol’ bear tank for a while. I can’t imagine the raw physical strength and power you would feel.

Bear is still perfectly good for heroics and +20’s.

Its a fairly easy dps rotation and your CD’s are straight forward. Once you learn the rotation your choice really comes down to dumping rage into IF or Raze/Maul. This makes it easy for a beginner to focus on learning pull and damage patterns as well as routes. Its also a decent class to raid lead on as its so easy.


None of the tank specs come back down to earth. At 70 you are limited by what the healer can heal your party through or just limiting their own… lets call it handicaps like when they kill everything and get a 10 stack of bursting.

Its not until the 18-20 key level that you start to feel a bit of pressure tanking.

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I see a lot of people just saying what their favorite tank is. But there is no better learning tank than bear.

Did every current tank learn tanking from furry ber? Or is it possible tanks learned tanking from the spec they just preferred? :thinking: :thinking:

Did I say you can only learn to tank on bear? Did I say you can’t learn to tank on other classes? No, I didn’t.

OP asked which was the most noob friendly.

Learn to read.

People who learn warrior really well become (imho) the best tanks - I play a blood dk because the number of interupts I have and i can earn my own healing - prot pallys have their own heal spells as do druids - I don’t have a panda tank so i can’t offer any advice - but i do believe any tank that learns its spec well and is good to the rest of the party is good tank

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