Tank popularity/difficulty question

Asked this in ‘Returning PLayers’ and didn’t get an answer. Hoping to a quicker reply here

Hey all, been gone almost 2 years I suppose.

My questions are:
-Which tank is least popular atm?
-Which tank is hardest to play or has the highest skill ceiling?


Brewmaster is probably the answer to both. Button bloat + more work for less return, ive also heard this xpac is more magic damage focused which brewmasters apparently dont handle as well as other classes. Im only a casual tho so take what i said with a grain of salt.


Brewmaster is considered by many to be the hardest tank. I’ve only played Brewmaster, so I can’t comment on the other tank specs. But I’ve heard from other tank players that Brewmaster is indeed the most challenging to play. This common belief may translate to Brewmaster being the least popular to play.

It comes down to Brewmaster not being a traditional tank with a massive load of abilities to manage. I had to buy a better gaming mouse to handle to keybinding setup.


Prob BrewM for now, and even with incoming buffs.

Ive only healed 5 ish BrM tanks so far but they were all great players. Bit more squishy but due to stagger damage intake is less spike-ey…if that makes sense. So I was never really rushing to heal them back up.

Appreciate the replies. Looks like I’ll stick with my drunken dwarf. Excited to be back.

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i don’t know if it’s the hardest or the least popular but brew feels great right now to me. we’re not impervious to damage like warriors but our damage is great


1.) Brewmaster is the least popular, and always has been no matter their strength. Monk in general is the least played class by a large margin in addition to this. In shadowlands, brewmaster was doing very well, and their 4 piece made them great. I had a great time maining one in s4. That being said, currently outside of their dps they are very lackluster.

2.) Hardest tank to play is by a longshot BDK in dragonflight. Second I’d put prot war, they have almost as many abilities as BDK and you are constantly pressing buttons - definitely the highest APM tank. I’d put prot paladin and brew after that tied for 3rd. Prot paladin has a ton of things to do, tons of cooldowns to press, and can heal himself and his team / bop, freedom, shields, etc. Brewmaster you basically purify 1 on cooldown, and 1 when your stagger is red. In higher M+ you need to time your purifying brew a bit more, and pop celestial at the right time, but outside that it’s extremely easy. Putting them in 3rd ONLY because if you mess up your brew you take a ton of damage - but so do other classes. Not much to do, they were pruned quite a bit in shadowlands and now are quite easy to play. 4th would be bear druid, and I’m just barely putting this above DH, only because if you choose to be a lazer bear tank, you have to constantly tab target. Lastly is DH. Just a few buttons, and a few cooldowns. If lazer bear build didn’t exist, I’d tie it for easiness for bear druid.


I’d also say brewmaster for both.

They are the least popular tank, ranked the “lowest tier” but a lot of that is because they are a very difficult tank to play.
I main guardian and I have about 3 buttons and like 2-3 defensives, it’s really not engaging at all, I just kind of run forward and thrash.

Brewmaster is on another level, it requires the player to be reactive and predict what will happen next, to manage over a dozen buttons at all times, cooldowns that refresh your other cooldowns, talents that give you even MORE options. People think it’s bloated, but I really enjoy it. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to holding “W” to run forward and hitting “2” over and over


Answers my questions perfectly. I have never enjoyed an easy tank. I fall asleep playing if its too easy.


I have had a blast learning BRM I have bursted over 100k on some pulls and overall hang around 40k. You do have a lot of buttons but it feels like you always have something to do. It’s fast paced your health does yo-yo but no issue healing back up or getting out of a bad spot.


blood DK is the most difficult tank

I play BMer as my main and Prot War as my alt.

The biggest difference I’ve noticed is that Prot War seems a bit tankier in a traditional sense. I can take large amounts of physical damage with him and do ok against magic. It’s very easy to get used to the traditional ways of “just stand there and take it” and your blocking with do the rest.

With a BMer I had to completely change the way I think about tanking. Stagger slows things down a bit even though it seems like we are constantly taking damage and just spreading it out. What I’ve found is that BMer has way more in the way of defensive abilities and with healing spheres being able to collect for huge healing, I really don’t find myself needing heals that often and the healer I run with understands that. I can keep myself going for a very long time.

I do tank on my druid as well and do enjoy having so many HPs while being able to stay up with just a few buttons.

In the end, BMer is a bit more difficult just because of the sheer amount of button bloat, but the idea really isn’t for them to be a traditional feel as much as it its a style. Personally I have a blast with it, but do tend to let up from time to time in certain M+ runs and depending on the affixes. Also, I don’t push up into the 20s. I basically do some from time to time, but mostly just hit the 2500 mark then Heroic Raiding. So, if its on the higher end of things, I can’t speak to much to that.

Didn’t mean to post on alt pally…

I’d say BrM and Prot Warrior. Every healer I’ve talked to just doesn’t like healing warriors and are okayish with BrM

That being said after playing Bear, PPally and BrM, Monk is by far my favourite.

Lots of damage, actually buttons to press instead of spamming a couple. Takes skill to not die like a chump.

If you’re looking for a fun tank I’d say BDK, BrM, DH.

If you’re looking for a fall asleep tank, which you’ve said you aren’t, Bear and PPaly

Death knight. Just like this post has risen from the dead.

Monk is the most easy to play tank
Paladin is the most Hard to play Tank

Are you being serious? My experience, though limited, is the exact opposite.

All tanks are easy to play, just go with the one you like.

wait, what? you cannot be serious.

What is difficult about if HP isn’t 100% hit death strike and now you’re full HP?