Tank monk is super confusing. Got a few questions if I may

So, for shiz & giggles made monk. Got a free 60 boost the other day upon login.

Don’t think I will make it on par with 3 mains I have, but who knows…maybe I’ll love it. As main healer with 2.5IO, I really enjoy healing good monks in M+.

— Zen Meditation —
It will break on hit or action…So, when do I use it?
The only use of it I can think of is SoA 3rd boss orb soaking? What else…?

— Damage Abilities Priority —
Tell me if this is correct.

  1. Keg Smash
  2. Breath of Fire
  3. Keg Smash (Lego+Conduit bonus)
  4. Blackout Kick
  5. Leg Sweep on 2+
  6. Tiger Palm (But it gives minor self healing)

In my understanding, Smash + Fire should be used off cooldown, but Keg always before Fire, correct?

— Purifying Brew & Celestial Brew —
Stagger is passive damage distribution. I got a WA to track it. Should I pop P-Brew when it Stagger gets high?

Do I want to try to get stacks with P-Brew? Do I just blow it off cooldown?
At how many stacks should I aim to pop Celestial Brew? Or basically just pop it when I get low and actually need to use it and hopefully have some stacks of P-Brew on me?

— Expel Harm —
How do I use it? I saw something about Orbs, but after running a few Heroics, I still don’t understand this part.

— Clash —
What’s a good use for this ability?

— Crackling Jade Lightning —
What’s a good use for this ability?
Is this just a range tap?
Saw somewhere it can be good to use on Explosives affix?

Thank you.

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A single big hit or just magic damage.

Don’t sit with 2 charges of smash but if you have used one charge you can delay smash for a BoK or BoF just to get the cooldowns running. Obvious you don’t want to cap energy doing this though.

Use Celestial brew on CD and don’t sit on 2 charges of purifying brew. UNLESS, you know there will be good times to use those abilities. Purify after a big hit and celestial before a big hit.

You can walk over your healing spheres to get healed which saves you the energy that you’d use to expel harm – normally you just have to wiggle ( strafe left and right) to get them. If there is a lot of damage coming out and you won’t overheal hitting expel harm is good, especially if you can’t see your orbs or if they’re far away.

Poor man’s death grip.

Just for popping explosives. The threat from it is very weak and it’s awful on your energy bar.



Dots n stagger.

Say you have s huge amount of stagger, but purify is on cooldown, you run away, hit zen med and pray while clenching.

Its also good for the robot boss in spires, and the cat bleeds.

If nothing else, zen med can help you mitigate ONE big hit, like the headbutt from the first boss in SD or one of the iron spikes.

Scalding brew kinda sucks and doesnt scale well. It’s fine starting out, but, eh, there’s better.

I don’t tend to use leg sweep on cd, I save it for clutch moments, either as a proactive interrupt, or as a defensive move to give the healer breathing room. Can do what you want. I find that leg sweeping in a pug tends to build up DR confusion but if you’re in discord you can set up rotations.

Myself, I do not use eye of the tiger. I think chi wave is the superior talent, but I am in the minority here.

Eye of the tiger:

  1. costs energy to use
  2. breaks cc
  3. you will never get the full benefit because you are casting tiger palm more than once / 8 seconds
  4. haste does not increase the tick speed
  5. only ever hits one target

Chi wave

  1. costs 0 energy
  2. can be used in between keg smashes to smooth out the rotation and regain energy
  3. can be cast from range
  4. heals your allies as well as you
  5. bypassed the aoe cap before they got rid of it, but hits multiple targets, so it evens out your threat generation, also hits all single target.

So, long story short, you have 2 charges of p brew. 1 is your “I’m building celestial stacks” button, the other is your “ohshi” button.

You should be aiming to purify at a smooth and steady pace, building up celestial charges, then hitting celestial on cd. Dont try to max out your purifying stacks before you celestial, because you’re just wasting a giant 8 second chonk daddy shield.

Try not to purify twice in a row, but it might be necessary for big tankbuster hits like first boss in spires, or iron spikes.

Expel harm: it’s free real estate, son.
Hit it for free healing. This is also why I choose chi wave, for its 0 energy cost.

Also, dont forget to spam expel when running to the next room, it’s great in DoS on those hallway runs.

I also wrote a bunch of tops down in this thread

Do what you feel is best snd rock on.

P.s. I love that you have 10% vers and 19% haste these are extremely good stats :joy::ok_hand:


Zen med comes in handy a lot actually. Here are a few off the to of my head:

  • Headbutts on first boss in SD.
  • Magic explosions between iron spikes on third boss in SD
  • Magic explosions on Dealer in DoS
  • Blood shield on Hakkar in DoS
  • Tank Buster on Muezala in DoS
  • Rain of chickens thing on gnome boss in DoS
  • Soaking beams on final boss in HoA
  • Skipping across the Halkais rotating beam, first boss in HoA
  • Final boss in PF’s rain of poison dot
  • Tank buster for first boss in SoA
  • Soaking orbs on the third boss in SoA
  • Soaking the little bit of magic dot you get during the intermission on the final boss in SoA
  • Amarth when things go wrong and someone doesn’t kill an add.
  • Devour Flesh on the mobs that bite you in ToP to heal themselves
  • All of the magic spells being cast at you during the first boss of ToP after the MS boss dies.
  • Soaking sever from Varruth after he goes into his animation if you didn’t dodge it

and many more

Yeah I think that’s the only important detail there. Assuming you’re using the Keg leggo and you’re Kyrian, you would KegBreathWoOKegKeg. I’d say, save leg sweep for emergencies, interrupts, or use it with other kite tools. I made a 20 second video about some cool tech you can do with leg swep and clash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVK4AsEy9GA

I wouldn’t do that necessarily. If its really really high then yeah, you can do that, but normally you’re just keeping one charge of PB on cooldown so you get the pumped up Celestial. You keep one PB in reserve in case things get crazy. Also, don’t be too afraid of red stagger, it means you’ll be getting 15% haste if you’re talented into High Tolerance, and the Blizzard UI makes it seems scarier than it is. I actually thought that stagger maxed out at 100% of that bar for a long time, but that definitely isn’t the case.

The Secret to the orbs is Gift of the Ox (https://www.wowhead.com/spell=124502/gift-of-the-ox). We spawn orbs randomly when we get hit. You can see them laying around the ground. Pretty sure you can run into them to pick them up too. They just heal you. Using Expel Harm makes them all heal you at once and go away.

When things are routine, I just use it on cooldown. When I need a defensive for a tankbuster or something then I start to stock pile my orbs and avoid using expel harm until I need it. A good example here is the third boss of SD. Her Iron Spikes hurt a lot so I usually save 2-3 orbs to use during that.

That video I linked is a pretty good use. Clash is actually awesome. Here are some scenarios:

  • In Halls, when you’re fighting a dog pack, when the hound maser jumps away you back up a bit, clash her back in and root her on the dogs and kite a bit to get their bleeds off.
  • Whenever any mobs are in sanguine and you need them out after using RoP.
  • To pull spitefuls away from your teammates (and root the spitefuls that are spawning)

You usually just pull with it. Technically, it does boop mobs back randomly but it isn’t reliable enough to use for that purpose. It does work for explosives but I found that it sometimes takes 2 ticks to kill an explosive and the energy cost is kind of steep for that.

The best part about this for me is that its 40yd. That means you can do certain pulls that other tanks can’t do on their own, like pulling Varruth from the entrance area in NW without agroing any other mobs there.

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I read that it’s not random, it’s based on a damage cap. Every xxxx damage pops an orb out. (Not sure what the numbers are based on)

Also can confirm that CJL knockback is not random, it boops back anything the first time they get into melee range.

  • Bobby Kotick should resign
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Sorry I’m a bit of a late responder but I’ll give you my 2 cents.

Zen Med can be used GENERALLY whenever you have distance. You can create distance with mage frost nova or your own ring of peace. Or if it’s a boss like the 3rd boss in HoA, you can soak the damage with zen med while she spam casts.

Generally you want to avoid having to press tiger palm, but you want to prioritize keeping Keg Smash, BOF & BOK on CD at all times to the best of your ability. Always keg before fire because of the burn damage + 5% less damage you take from target.

purify as much stagger as you can. The more you remove the bigger your Celestial Brew is, and the more damage your stomp on Niuzao will do.

expel harm pretty much when you dont have other globals to do that are of a priority, or if you need some quick heals.

Clash is good for clumping mobs together in a root, it’s something you’ll learn to use overtime and gradually understand when to space and root everyone. Remember, it’s an AOE ROOT.

CJL is mostly just for tagging. Nothing else. I don’t really know for explosives since generally I would just have a BOK for any explosive near me.

And as for above comment about CJL knockback. It knocksback on first melee hit during cast BUT it can be bugged by stutter step CJLing, at which point you’ll just randomly knock enemies back when they melee without having to cast it. Super fun bug.

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