Tank Main LF Permanent CE Home

Hello recruiters!

I am Wild, tank main, looking for a new permanent home in SL and further that is wanting to push CE minimum. I have been playing on and off since BC launch and have raided top100 US in Legion and have top20 US recorded kills from Mists when it was still 10man raiding.

I recently came back to WoW at the start of 8.3 after a break during Uldir progression and am looking to get back towards top-end raiding.

What I have to offer:
6/12M Blood DK with exp on Drest (35%) with 2153 tank M+ IO
3/12M Protection Warrior with 2189 Tank M+ IO
3/12M Vengeance Demon Hunter with 2347 M+ IO

I also have Brewmaster Monk and Guardian Druid alts that I plan to maintain in SL to offer more variability and ability to tackle any fight during progression.

What I am looking for:

Currently, I am on Alliance but the server/faction does not pose an issue but please be aware that I will not be moving all toons over at once but rather around SL launch.

Preferably, I am looking for a team that intends to push the ranks but CE is the minimum. I will put in the dedication to help ensure that.

Battle.net: Wild#11702
Discord: Wildheit#5351

How is your brewmaster?

We will be going for CE in SL for sure.

Hello Corvyer
Illidan [H] is 11/12M looking for raiders looking to get CE. We are a MORNING raiding guild. We currently have two raid teams, main raid team that is 11/12M currently working on Nzoth and raids WED/THU/FRI 8AM (NOT PM) to 11AM CST. Our second raid team raids Mondays 5/12M 8AM-11AM.

If this interests you let me know,

Withoutt#8803 -Discord
Without#1930- Bnet

Confusion is a Horde guild located on Illidan looking build up a roster, kill Nzoth, and go into Shadowlands with a solid roster. We are a semi-hardcore progression guild that is committed to completing as much mythic content as possible. We encourage a friendly community who are typically on grinding content and running mythic pluses. We have a Cutting Edge core, and we are always looking to improve our roster. We have high hopes and chances to get CE

Raid Days :
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Raid Times: (9 hours weekly)
9:00PM PST to 12:00AM PST
10:00PM MST to 01:00AM MST
11:00PM CST to 02:00AM CST
12:00AM EST to 03:00AM EST

Progression :
0/12M - Most likely, when we do have enough members to raid, we will skip to Carapace, and kill Nzoth
(Our core is made up of Cutting Edge players)

forms .gle/6tsJFdQvESkuz2zZ6 (REMOVE THE SPACE)

For any questions please contact on Battlenet:
Zenine#11353 or Tanar#1441


I’m definitely interested in chatting with you- please contact me at Proxyhatch#8274 on discord.

10/12M guild (in 2 weeks) - formed from a bunch of CE players - Leadership with US top 5 exp.

Hit me up