Tank LF guild

I had made other posts, but honestly not really looking to dps/ heals. I really want to tank, so hopefully i will be able to do that. My DK currently Stormrage. I am looking to getting back to tanking raids and mythic+. It has been before EP since i really have done much raid wise.
I have raid tanked ATB and Dazalor both heroic and upto the second last boss on each. DH and DK both in legion, and only DK in BFA. Also tanked on a pally during Wrath and M

Good Morning. Getting more Neck levels and essences.

Up top we go

I will be back in the future. I have some work to do on my armor, skills and recruitability. Thank you to who all read this

Can you provide some more information on the toon you’re wanting to tank with and your history/experience? Armory would be great. Also what you’re looking for in a guild, because this post is very vague past saying you want to tank. If you want to get in touch you can hop in our guild’s Discord recruitment at 6VM8rQp or post here.