Tank LF Casual Guild

Hey all, I’m kind of just looking for some where casual to chill out and hang with til dragonflight, My main interest is raiding and running keys though I may mainly stick to running keys as I’ve not enjoyed the raid that much this tier.

Any guild or group that feels they can accommodate me please feel free to leave a response.

I’m just coming back to alliance as well so I have some gearing up and leveling to do on all my characters, I’m an Altoholic so.

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check us out

Hey Brew,

I recently made a guild on alliance stormrage! We’re called The Legal Bananas! We could def use a few more ranged classes if you have any of those? We plan to raid in a few months after more of the leveling/new guildies get to 60 & geared a bit better but we want to start running mythic+ with the currently geared guildies.

Here is my recruitment spam:

If you have any questions please reach out to me via discord: FluffyPanda#6738 or HMU in game: Jemeeka

Can’t wait to hear from you, have a wonderful evening! :heart: