Tank + healer LF raiding guild


My friend and I are looking for a new home, we are both currently 11/12H we have evenings completely open and the days really dont matter. Idea times would be 7/8 - 11pm EST. We are not picky on the days either 2-3 is fine. We have achieved AOTC every expansion that we have played, but due to recently returning haven’t gotten 12/12H yet. We are leveling a Prot Paladin & Resto/Ele Shaman. We are very flexible players.

We are transferring to Stormreaver due to tried of playing on huge servers like Stormrage, Illidan, Zul’Jin & Malganis we both have all classes at 120. We are very friendly and enjoy playing M+ and having a good time we both want to push into mythic prog with the right people.

Please feel free to contact me @ Vikrov#1220