Tank + Heal DUO LF 8pm or later raid guild

Brewmaster and Holy Priest duo

Our guild quit playing for TBC classic and won’t be coming back.

Mythic would be preferable but I guess AOTC is ok too at this point.

  • 8pm or later is a must for us.
  • We skipped SoD but went 2/10 Mythic CN early in 9.0 before guild quit.
  • Holy priest is Draret in Serendipity guild if you want to inspect us both.

Really just want a guild that is a nice place to hang out and raid reliably without having to server transfer my 10 alts.

P.S. If you don’t need a monk/tank I have alts (Elemental Sham, Survival Hunt, Destruction Lock, Prot Warr, Blood DK, and a Vengeance DH).