Tank and Healer LFG Morning raiding


Myself and my wife are looking for a new guild that focuses on raiding in the morning(Mythic progression preferred). We’re available 8am-1pm CST. We just completed 9/9 H and 1/9 M due to change at work we are needing to find a new group. We have been playing for ten years and can play just about everything. I currently main a Prot Warrior but I have all tanks just about geared around 390+ and can play them all pretty well. I have every class leveled to 120(except rogue atm) so I’m willing to do DPS or Healing as well. Willing to mix it up if need be. My wife has all healers leveled and ready to go-same thing- pretty good at all of them. She also has a mage leveled but prefers healing on her holy priest. Right now, we’re playing Alliance on Darkspear but are open to race/faction changing. Feel free to msg anytime Discord: Rex#9786 BT:Maulvero#1860