Taming Ban'thalos in Modern Day WoW

For those unfamiliar, this is Ban’thalos: https://www.wowhead.com/npc=54320/banthalos

I’m afraid to try and fly up, drop off my mount, pop a glider and hit them on the way down. I’m pretty sure even if I stripped all my gear from my hunter I’d still kill them with a single auto attack. I’m curious if anybody has tamed Ban’thalos in more recent memory, and how you did it?

Could always try this…

That requires you get close enough to use said toy, but wasn’t there a gun equivalent?

Unequipt your range weapon and use Tranq shot.

Why wouldn’t you be able to get close enough?

If you use the foam sword, make sure your Auto- attack is toggled OFF.
You could try throwing a fruit basket…
Or try it while you have rez. sickness

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Because I rolled a hunter precisely for the reason of using a gun? :stuck_out_tongue:

Find the no dmg macro, basically casts tranq shot with out the auto fire dmg

I did it about four or five months ago, practice dropping from high up and hitting disengage right before you land, better than the glider method

I was trying to tame it a few months ago and even trying to not cause damage I would still kill it somehow. Each time I felt bad for all the hunters getting there after me and watching me kill him. I gave up, but realizing having two out at once would be rather annoying I don’t feel like bothering to get a second one.

maybe the pea shooter will work. it’s what we use for TLPD farming groups. it does 1 damage. idk if there is a cast time but you buy it off a vendor i believe.

Can you link the name of the actual item or maybe a wowhead link, please?

i believe anyone can equip it and it still counts as a tag if i am not mistaken but it does little damage we use it for TLPD tagging. comments say it CAN MISS

I got them! And I found a similar method to Lethidoxi’s approach. I’ll try and describe it here.

First off, you’ll need the Fruit Basket toy. https://www.wowhead.com/item=119083/fruit-basket

So what you do is fly up, and angle yourself right so that when you fall, use the fruit basket toy, disengage and land on the semicircle of pillars behind the statue of Malorne. Landing here will get you closer to Ban’thalos and you can start casting tame beast before they get too close to the ground and reset.

Thank you to everybody for offering advice and ideas for how to tame this one. It is appreciated. :slight_smile:

/cast Tranqulizing Shot

No joke, that macro will pull without doing any damage. So you can mount, fly up, press that macro, and you’ll take some fall damage but Ban’thalos will aggro you and you can tame.

It also works with Counter Shot I believe. Any shot that has NO damage attached to it, as long as you put in /stopcasting twice before and after the spell you should be good to go. It stops your auto-shots before they have a chance to fire.

Cheers! :heart:

you stand on top of tree and place freezing trap at feet. aggro him in , he triggers trap … tame

Die, get res sickness and unequip gear if you need to. The massive loss in stats should do it for you.