Talon's Vengeance not included in Rep Buff?

I think the decision to not add that is weird. I was saving up tokens specifically for this. I do not pvp much and hate doing it, in fact I try to stay away from it as it doesn’t help my anxiety.
Please Blizz, make this one an exception.


Then don’t do it?

It’s a PvP faction, if you can’t do it don’t do it


Tell that to mount collectors…

Yes, they actually went ahead in PvP content to get that mount


Is that the one you have to kill players at the warden towers to get rep? I’m kind of surprised there isn’t some sort of group set up where you can just farm each other for the rep to get it done quickly.

According to Blizz that’s called “win-trading” and is against ToS

In competitive or ranked PvP, sure. For some reputation though?

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I’m not sure, there isn’t a “but” after “win-trading”.

I wouldn’t think that would count, personally. Especially now when the rep is outdated, it’s probably a struggle to find many people in Legion content at all, let alone people that want to world pvp in those specific areas.

The rep is outdated, they need to lift the restriction “legion pvp only”. The birds are not only in broken shore, but also other zones too jeez.

Its only reputations related to allied races or flying.

You gotta put on your big bird pants to ride the big white bird.

I didn’t mind Bloody Coins back in Timeless Isle, as I actually enjoyed it because there was so much to do and places to go with it. No one goes to the wqs anymore, and even if they did it’s just me vs them with nothing to play around with.

Just discovered this unpleasant fact today. Came here to qq. It’s quite upsetting as I’ve farmed 114 rep tokens in anticipation of turning them tokens in during the Darkmoon Faire.

I’m unhappy myself that this faction doesn’t get a rep buff :frowning: because i got the quests done to get to the faction but now i cant even get a buff for it wth :frowning: this is a faction i need on my hunter to get to the 100 reps exalted so i can get the mount :frowning: