Talent Tree Previews

Any hints on when we might get the next ones? :3


Tomorrow marks 3 weeks since the first 2 were previewed i think? :joy:
Maybe we’ll get lucky…

At this point I just expect them to only show during Beta.

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Honestly just cruel to release only two. Why won’t somebody think of the warlocks?

Although I’m scared to see the hunter tree. I can’t imagine what atrocities and crimes against humanity await. Blizzard has a sinister compulsion of perpetually buffing low level hunters so that pvp is 100% broken 100% of the time.


We kinda need to see the rest of them soon, if they actually plan on releasing this thing this year. :roll_eyes:

When DF go’s live. That would be my guess.

I’m hoping soon. I’m on need of narrowing down my list of classes I want to play in 10.0

I don’t know I’m already extremely pissed off about my death knights

to many abilitys tooken away from us unless we waste a talent point getting bs we should have kept as they are lvl up gain in spell book not talent books.

Guess the dev team is to lazy and trashy to actrually fill it with choices lol and stuff recreated or add new to take those spots

If my instincts are correct, we will have almost all talent tree previews along with public testing (still small group) by the middle of next week to the end of next week.


You read my mind. I can’t wait to see warlocks. I keep getting a sneaky suspicion there will be a talent to turn your demons as demonology into undead to be the “necromancer” people want.

Maaaaaybe? I hope. Lol

All talent trees? I’m not sure about that. Probably not Evoker for sure.

I think at least several of them though, that sounds about right to me.

Alpha should be out soon…

Zero percent chance of this.

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I too am eagerly awaiting Monk/Shaman trees setting the forums on FIRE.

You think talented interrupts live rent-free in people’s head…oh baby. I can taste the rage now.

I dont know about demonology but afflication should get that option but it wont

thing is interruptions shouldn’t be in talent trees at all, its not even a choice either get it or your trash with those… everything else u can rlly work around getting/not getting but U HAVE no choice u have to get interruption ability

For some content that might be true. But not for all content.

both pve and pvp its basicly a requirement lol Don’t get it in pvp u get wiped out by team with most healers, dont get it in pve and some of the more annoying spells kills the team lol

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What content are you in where people are just interrupting constantly?

cant speak for others but every time I get a chance i use it more so in pvp always target healer- and use it as often as u can lol as for pve dungeons have many things that can create proplems if not intrupted on basic trash lol